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5 Top Reasons Why Every Woman Should Try Martial Arts

9th March 2017

5 Top Reasons Why Every Woman Should Try Martial Arts
The growing popularity of martial arts among women has been a hot topic recently. There are a growing number of women who are enjoying taking up martial arts. This is because the stigmas associated with martial arts are decreasing.

People are beginning to recognise that taking a martial arts class doesn't make you aggressive, there are many valuable skills that you can learn from it. Of course self defense is one of them, but there are many other reasons women are beginning to take martial arts classes.

One of reasons why martial arts has grown in popularity amongst women is because of the recent success surrounding professional female martial artists. Katie Taylor is currently leading the way for women's boxing. Winning her first light weight Olympic boxing title in 2012, as well as winning the world championships 6 times and the European championships 5 times over recent years! Katie is now taking the professional scene by storm proving that the demand is there for women's boxing.

Why should women take a martial arts class?

Boost Your Confidence - When you regularly attend a women’s martial arts class you will find yourself improving. Naturally you'll gain confidence from this. What will be an even bigger confidence booster is having a well toned body to flaunt at the beach this summer! In just one Muay Thai session you can burn up to 1,000 calories!

Self Defense - It's empowering to know that you can defend yourself, should you ever need to. Having the skills required to defend yourself will help you feel at ease if you find yourself alone on a night out.

You'll make great friends - The more classes you go to, the more people you'll meet and train with. They'll be the ones who go through the training sessions with you and help you stick with it. Friends who train together often stay together.

Mental Toughness - As with any sport, to improve requires a degree of discipline and mental toughness. Persistence is one of the greatest qualities you'll learn throughout martial arts training. This can be applied to daily life, it will help you overcome obstacles.

Love Yourself - Your body is incredible. You are capable of remarkable things! Training in martial arts will help you learn what your body is capable of, to respect it and treat it well. This will lead to a healthier lifestyle outside of your classes.

What martial arts style is best for women?

This depends on the goal you have set yourself! This might sound like a bit of a non answer.. but there are lots of different options out there!

If you are interested in taking martial arts classes for self defence purposes, then women's krav maga classes are a good choice for you. If you're looking to start a martial arts class for fitness then there are a variety of classes that could suit you. Boxercise and combat fitness don't involve getting in the ring but are centred around the fitness side of things. Alternatively, if you'd still like a little bit of an edge Muay Thai Classes are very intense!

How can I find a women's martial arts class?

If you're looking to find a women's martial arts class, then Martial Arts Near You is the place to go! There are a wide variety of local martial arts classes ranging from women's taekwondo classes to women's kick boxing classes. All you need to do to find a local martial arts club is search using your location. Once you have done this you can view the local martial arts instructors and decide which one is best for you.

Alternatively, you can download the NearYou iPhone or iPad App and book yourself into a class!
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