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7 Top Tips to Help You Stick To Your Martial Arts Fitness Plan

27th September 2016

7 Top Tips to Help You Stick To Your Martial Arts Fitness Plan
It's very easy to decide you're going to get fit. It's hard to take those first steps and even harder to stick with it. This guide reveals the best ways to be able to stick with your workout plan and achieve your goals.

No more excuses! All you need is the right attitude and a few tricks you can use to keep your fitness campaign on track.

Top Tip 1 - Pick something enjoyable

Okay – it sounds pretty obvious! Several studies show that those who choose to get fit for externally motivated reasons (wanting to look good for a school reunion for example) are unlikely to stick with it. The people who succeed are those who exercise because they enjoy it. Let's be honest, it takes a very special kind of person to enjoy running in the pouring rain in the middle of December!

Martial Arts is the answer. There are a wide range of classes available that suit all abilities and goals. From hardcore fitness fanatics that might want to take up an MMA class to more relaxed individuals who would like to experience the all round benefits of attending a Tai Chi class. The key is to find a class that you enjoy!

Top Tip 2 - Set realistic goals

This is something I can personally vouch for! It is far too easy to begin with unrealistic expectations about what you want to achieve, or how often you want to attend a class. This is often referred to as the 'what the hell effect', if you break an unachievable routine you're likely to quit all together.

I would strongly recommend giving yourself achievable targets. If you do happen to miss a class, be flexible! You can always attend an extra class next week.

Top Tip 3 - Take advantage of block bookings/deals

Getting fit can be expensive, gyms are not cheap. There are however plenty of martial arts clubs that offer block booking discounts. Not only will this ensure you stick to your plan as you've bought your classes in advance, you can also save yourself some money!

A great place to find martial arts offers is Martial Arts Near You. There are hundreds of instructors offering discounts across the UK. You can purchase discounted classes right now online, it takes a matter of minutes!

Top Tip 4 - Choose the right level for you

This is something that is likely to worry all new joiners. You don't want to turn up to an MMA class with Conor McGregor, or get in the ring during a boxing class with Nicola Adams by mistake – you probably wouldn't hurry back.

Martial arts instructors take on new people every day and there are bound to be people of a similar experience to yourself. Make sure before you attend a class you give the instructor a quick call and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Top Tip 5 - Bring a friend

There will inevitably come a day where you'd much rather lounge on the sofa than get out and do your class. It is much easier to bail on the gym than it is your friend! It is also a lot more enjoyable being able to learn a new skill with a friend and develop together.

Studies also show that those who work out with their friends stay longer than those who go by themselves on average.

Top Tip 6 - Keep a diary

This links back to setting yourself realistic goals. I recommend giving yourself achievable deadlines by entering them in a diary, whether it is to be able to complete a class without having to take a break, to attending 4 classes in a months time. It is extremely satisfying to be able to tick off challenges you have set yourself.

Best of all in the future you will be able to look back at all the small steps you have taken, and realise just how far you have come.

Top Tip 7 - Reward yourself

It can often take weeks to see progress, so it is extremely important to celebrate when you do! Go out to the cinema with your friends when you attend your 10th class, or treat yourself to that top you've been eyeing up when you've met your weight loss goal!

Are you ready to find a Martial Arts class near you?

Are you ready to make that life changing decision to attend a martial arts class? Then make sure you keep all of these top tips in mind and enjoy yourself!

To find a local martial arts class visit Martial Arts Near You and search using your post code. This will show you the local martial arts clubs near you. You can enquire or even purchase a block deal there and then!