Anthony Joshua Beats Mike Tyson's KO Record

31st October 2017

Anthony Joshua Beats Mike Tyson's KO Record
In the fight to defend his IBF Heavyweight World Title, Anthony Joshua fought Carlos Takam at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff last weekend.

The three-belt champion continued his unblemished professional record, raising it to 20-0.

He also extended his knockout streak to 20, beating Tyson's best ever streak of 19. Joshua is now just one KO behind Frank Bruno's record of 21.

Fight Night

The stadium was packed with over 75,000 people for the fight, which started off fairly quiet, with the opening round barely seeing any action.

Joshua is normally an explosive fighter, so the lull in the first round came as a shock. Fans soon saw the champion they know and love, however, when the energy picked up in round 2.

Takam Injures Joshua

Joshua felt the force of Takam when the French boxer headbutted him, leaving Joshua bloodied and with what was suspected as a broken nose. It has since been confirmed that it is not broken.

Takam, who is four inches shorter than Joshua, used the heigh difference to his advantage, slicing hooks on to the Brit as he moved in and out of range.

Joshua Fights Back

The fight continued, with doctors being called in several times throughout to assess the damage that the men were doing to each other. Takam appeared to be badly injured, with his eyes cut and swollen, but it was decided that he was fit to continue.

Stoppage came in the 10th round, when another onslaught from Joshua caused the referee to step in and draw a conclusion to the match.

Joshua Distances Himself from Referee Decision

The referee's decision to stop the match has been criticised, with Takam saying that he would have a re-match if Joshua were to agree.

On the ref's decision - Joshua simply highlighted that he has no control, that it was a good fight and that he has the upomost respect for Takam.

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