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Anti-bullying classes for kids Near Me

How to overcome Bullying

According to the NSPCC the most common types of bullying amongst girls are emotional bullying and theft, whereas boys were most likely to contact a helpline due to physical bullying, exposure or theft. (source CHI). The majority of bullying takes place in schools, although cyber bullying has increased during lockdown.

Figures by Statista Research 2021 indicated bullying impacted on over 36% of effected children causing depression, anxiety, and possible suicidal thoughts.

Attending anti-bullying classes and self defence classes for children can prepare children to defend themselves against bullies without turning them into one. Classes for children teach them how to defend themselves physically and psychologically and focus on building confidence.

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What can you typically expect to learn?

Anti-bullying classes take various forms, but in general they will teach children awareness, defence techniques, instil confidence, and emphasise discipline, responsibility, and respect. Parents can help their children gain the confidence to deal with bullying or harassment.

Bullies usually seek "easy targets" – those who will tolerate their abuse. An anti-bullying class gives children the techniques to overcome physical, and verbal abuse at school, or on the street.

Anti-bullying classes give children the martial art skills to overcome bullies, reducing the possibility of a further attack. By teaching the victims to defend themselves against physical attack, they will become more self confident and able to deal with bullying. Find a local anti-bullying class near you.

Who will benefit from attending anti-bullying classes?

Bullying is not limited to children. Adults can be bullied at work, at home or on the street.

People of all ages can benefit from learning anti bullying techniques. Anti-bullying classes are available across the UK and some offer classes for families to attend.

With media coverage increasing awareness of bullying the demand for anti-bullying classes has increased. The numbers of anti-bullying classes available to parents and children in London and the UK has grown making these courses more accessible.

Where do I find an anti-bullying class?

Find Anti Bullying classes on Martial arts Near You.

Each class should have a brief description to give you an idea of what the class covers check the instructors profile for qualifications and experience and a current DBS certificate.