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Anti Bullying Week 2014: choose martial arts

19th November 2014

Anti Bullying Week 2014: choose martial arts
Martial arts for bullying prevention

Once a year National Anti Bullying Week focuses schools and organisations on how to combat the rising increase of bullying within schools and clubs. The week aims to educate people on the signs of bullying and promote ways to manage, identify and diffuse bullying behaviour so it can be stopped quickly and effectively without causing harm.

Martial arts are at the forefront of exercises chosen by parents for combating bullying. Martial arts aren't about learning to fight, they are about teaching the skills to defend, combat and rise above bullying. As well as this, martial arts provide the mental strength needed to cope with bullying, as it increases confidence, boosts self esteem and teaches pupils to learn respect.

How martial arts beats bullying

Confidence and self esteem

Often children who are bullied withdraw and can find it hard to talk about their problems. By attending a martial arts class your child will be engaging with other students of all different ages and abilities, where they can go to learn a new skill. By interacting and competing, your child will be strengthening not only their confidence but their interaction skills, as well as boosting their self esteem by improving on their rankings each week, getting better and better at their chosen martial art.

Self defence for bullying

Martial arts do not teach your child to be aggressive or use their martial art in a threatening way. By using strict discipline in the lessons your child will understand that martial arts are best used in self defence when other options such as talking aren't available in a situation. By learning confidence, self esteem and respect your child will know that self defence is the last option and will be able to use it wisely.

Respect and discipline

Discipline is learnt in every martial art lesson your kid takes. Discipline is taught not only to master the moves properly and effectively, but to take turns, watch others, replicate moves and strive to be the best at what they can achieve through their martial art. By watching and replicating the teacher and fellow pupils, your child will learn respect, as teachers guide your child through the right and wrong ways to practice their martial art. Respect is also taught through interacting with other martial artists. By practising martial arts with partners, respect is gained through winning and loosing, taking tips from opponents and learning to be better each week.

As it's National Anti Bullying Week 2014 why not let your child try a martial arts class today? Your child may not be being bullied, but martial arts are a fantastic way to build confidence, learn a new skill and have fun with others.

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