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Anti- Bullying Week 2014: how martial arts can help combat bullying

10th October 2014

Anti- Bullying Week 2014: how martial arts can help combat bullying
Anti- Bullying week 2014

The annual Anti-Bullying Week is fast approaching, and we here at MANY want to share with you the ways in which children can benefit from martial arts in relation to bullying. A huge 1 in 10 children have reported being bullied; think about that in terms of school sizing. That's around 100 pupils in a whole school and between 2-3 people in each class who are being targeted.

Bullying is extremely damaging for anyone, but it is particularly vital to arm children with the right tools to overcome bullying whilst they are in school and to enable them to cope with and combat the negative behaviours of others.

The Anti-Bullying Week serves as a week where children and adults can educate themselves on the aspects of bullying. More frequently now than ever, physical bullying is being over taken by cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is an easy way to single out others from behind a screen, making the bullying sphere much more complicated than the pre-internet days.

The three main aims of Anti-Bullying Week are:

To stop the bullying of disabled children and those with special educational needs. This is achieved by equipping schools with resources to encourage friendly and inclusive attitudes amongst children and teens.

Equip anyone who works with children the tools to recognise who is being bullied/ those who are particularly vulnerable to bullying.

Ensure that everyone can identify the signs of bullying and how to diffuse these quickly, as well as recognising discriminatory language.

Martial arts are another great way your child can combat against bullying. Although many martial arts teach self defence, which should only be used in necessary situations, it also reaches much deeper than physical combat against bullying. Martial arts teach discipline, respect and control; all of which can be transferred into every day life, helping a child to arm against bullying mentally as well as physically.

We will be writing a series of features leading up to Anti-Bullying Week (17th-21st November) on how martial arts can help to combat bullying, so keep your eye on the Martial Arts Near You news feed for more information.

In the mean time, why not try a martial arts class for yourself and your children? You can find local martial arts classes using the search on Martial Arts Near You. Click the links below for more information.
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