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Back to School: How to Choose a Martial Arts Club

11th August 2015

Back to School: How to Choose a Martial Arts Club
Thinking about sending your children to join a martial arts club? Now is the time to start checking out martial arts clubs and schools near you. Don't wait until September, classes can fill up fast so start researching now.

Choosing a club or martial art instructor can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of martial art styles and hundreds of clubs to choose from. Follow these handy tips to find out what's available in your local area.

How to choose a martial art club for kids:

The needs and expectations of parents and students vary depending on the age of the children. The first step is to decide what you expect your children will get out of learning a martial art.

1) Are they looking to learn self defence, deal with bullies at school, learn to control anger and aggression or to channel it into more positive ways?

2) Are your kids introverted and you are looking to help them develop a more confident approach, learning to socialise with kids of their age with a common purpose?

3) Do your children have anti-social behavioural tendencies; such as a lack of respect for elders and family members, or teachers at school? Do they need to build respect for themselves and family members?

4) Do you see it as a recreational activity for your children, a way of learning a new skill and burning off energy?

5) Are your children looking to develop a career in the sport, or have a specific martial art in mind and want to get involved in competitions and sparring?

6) How old are your children? Children can start from an early age - around 6 years old - but it depends on the club. Some clubs will not take children under 10. Check out age eligibility.

7) Decide how far you can travel. There are literally thousands of martial art clubs in the UK. Check out clubs gyms and martial arts teachers near you. Don't forget travelling can be time consuming and frustrating so its best to choose a school within easy travel distance.

8) Day of the week can impact on class availability. Some schools offer martial arts classes after school. Its worth checking out if your state school is going to offer self defence and anti-bullying classes in the autumn term. Many clubs offer weekend martial arts classes and courses so bear this in mind.

9) Consider your budget for classes. Think about the cost of protective clothing such as helmets, gloves and pads. Check to see what the club already provide and what you might need to get yourself. Think about whether the class involves qualifications or examinations at the end of term.

Students generally benefit from experiencing a variety of martial art styles and teachers.

Where can I find martial art club Near Me?

Once you have decided what your kids will be interested in, look for children's martial arts classes on our website Martial Arts Near You. This will display Martial Arts instructors, classes and schools near you. Have a look around and decide which days and times fit in with your schedule, then contact the teacher or school and have an informal chat on the phone.

Here are 4 things to consider when choosing a class:

1. Check out children's martial arts classes.
2. Ask the instructor what class they run for kids, such as children's karate classes or taekwondo.
3. Check the instructor has a current CRB certificate.
4. Contact them and pay them a visit.

How to check out a martial arts club

Martial arts clubs are keen to attract new students, however some schools are very popular and are already enrolling new students in the summer months. It's advisable to check out the schools you're interested in sooner rather than later. This will give you and your kids more options. Don't leave it until September.

1) Book an appointment: Visit your local club, have a chat with the instructors and check out the facilities, including parking and pick up areas just in case you're late picking the kids up.

2) Look for open days: Increasingly martial arts clubs and instructors kick off the autumn term with open days and introductory events to showcase the courses on offer. By attending open days you get to meet the teachers and discuss the type of classes and styles available and your kids can have a go to.

3) Pop up martial arts events: These are becoming popular with martial arts clubs, using supermarkets such as Tesco and other shopping centres to promote their classes.

4) Free introduction classes: Many clubs offer free introduction classes, so book into a class and check them out.

Its important that you check out the facilities including if protective gear such as helmets and pads are provided (reduces injury) and parking. It could be worthwhile seeing if they run adult classes at the same time as the children's classes. This means you could enjoy a class and be on hand to pick up the kids.
Source: Martial Arts Near You