Benefits of Martial Arts

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Martial Arts is more than just combat

Today martial arts are positioned not only as a way of learning self defence but also a way of improving fitness self-confidence, personal discipline, and an improved ability to negotiate or avoid potentially hostile situations.

Martial Arts classes are a great way to stay fit, improve agility, strength, stamina, flexibility, and co-ordination. Students develop self-control, determination and concentration and can also reduce stress.

Martial Art clubs pride themselves in developing a sense of respect, discipline and harmony with the world in their students.

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Why should you attend a class or club?

Martial arts training provide a comprehensive workout, exercises involve using arms, legs, and core muscles, conditioning for the whole body.

Martial Arts classes improve agility, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.

Martial Arts in many cases have a psychological benefit improving self-confidence boosting poise and self-assurance.

Which martial art is right for me?

Martial Arts such as Karate, Boxing, Thai Boxing and Kung Fu, for example emphasise striking and forceful attacks.

Martial arts such as Judo and Aikido, place an emphasis on throwing moves and balance.

The key is to find a class that suits you, then book online. By booking securely online you are reserving your place. Many Martial Arts clubs are operating smaller class sizes so you are advised to book online in advance. Do not just turn up at the club.

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