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Connor McGregor starts his UFC fight back this Sunday

16th January 2020

Connor McGregor starts his UFC fight back this Sunday

This Sunday the 19th of January, Connor McGregor, the former world champion, will be returning to the UFC, to face legend, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone in the T-mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

This is a fight that McGregor needs to win.

Will an energised Conner McGregor win?

After 15 months out of the sport surrounded by much legal controversy, Connor McGregor has claimed to have rediscovered his passion for MMA.

In an interview, he said "I made this game what it is, and I am going to go in there to remind everyone".

After losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in his last bout in October 2018 (which he earned a reported $24 million), and being convicted of assault in the previous year, Connor McGregor claims to have "turned over a new leaf".

The man who crowned a run of five consecutive KO wins, and defeated the UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds, reminds the fans "the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) industry is such a forgetful game."

This can be seen by the statistics, with Connor McGregor being the only fighter in the UFC, to top the biggest UFC pay-per-view events twice, with UFC 229 and UFC 202, when he fought Nate Diaz.

Connor McGregor says that he "feels energised and refreshed", and is "aspiring to do things that have never been done before".

In a recent interview with the Mac Life, Connor admitted, "I've not been committed for a while, up until about a year ago".

However, he says, "I'm back in my old frame of mind. I want consistency, competition… I'm going to remind everyone and then continue to climb."

He wisely reflects, "Sometimes we have to go to certain places in our life to realise what we need to do".

This is a Connor McGregor who has come back to win. He has come back to prove the doubters wrong, and show why he is the "Notorious Connor McGregor". 

However, he has chosen a tough opponent with Donald Cerrone, a UFC legend, for his first big comeback fight.

Is Donald Cerrone a more talented fighter?

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, has the most wins (23) and finishes (16) in UFC history, a talented fighter. A 36 year old UFC veteran legend.

A former professional kickboxer and 50-fight MMA veteran, the Denver native has been active in mixed-martial arts and cage fighting for almost twenty years.

He is tough and an experienced MMA fighter and bull rider. He own a 40 acre ranch where he trains fighters! Corrone says: “We don't Breed livestock we Train Bad Mother F*s”.

Cerrone said in the recent press conference, that "this is the fight I wanted. "I'm going five rounds with this dude and I cannot wait til Saturday night," he said.

One thing that has alluded Cowboy is a coveted UFC world title. This is his chance and although the odds and bookies are betting on Connor they could be in for a surprise.

This will be a tough fight and Cerrone is looking for a win.

How much pulling power has McGregor got?

For this upcoming fight, tickets for the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, sold out within 1 day, earning a gate of $10 million, demonstrating that Connor McGregor is still the Irish Superstar of the UFC.

How much will McGregor earn?

Conor McGregor is set to earn his highest UFC purse when he makes his highly-anticipated return against Donald Cerrone, according to reports.

Fancy your chances as a UFC Champion?

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Source: Saul Auty