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Energise Your Teenagers with Martial Arts

8th July 2015

Energise Your Teenagers with Martial Arts
Teenagers are starting to become more and more lazy due to the increase in use of mobile phones,computers, games consoles and TV. The complacency of parents allowing teenagers to be less active supports a lifeless, repetitive and monotonous motion of life for teenagers which is unhealthy and needs to be changed.

The experience of teenagers has changed considerably over the last 30-40 years according to new research from the Nuffield Foundation. These changes include significant increase in the rate of anxiety, depression and behaviour problems

Today's teenagers are more likely to be in education and less likely to be in paid employment than their counterparts in the 70s and 80s, leading to a longer and less structured period of adolescence leading to increased levels of anxiety and depression.

Teenagers have seen significant changes to the structure of their average day, this may have an impact on their well-being." according to Dr Ann Hagell author of Changing Adolescence: Social trends and mental health.

Research has also shown that 'there has been an increase in teenagers waking up late and going to bed late' causing an unproductive day with little exercise involved. Sound familiar? This part of a teenager's life is called the 'terrible teens' and is said to be the part of a teenager's life when they develop a 'lazy streak'.

This 'terrible teens' lifestyle can be irritating for parents and can also cause a lot of problems for youths developing from a child to an adult. Examples of these problems are 'depression, anxiety and obesity' which have all increased among youths in the last 30 years.

Martial arts are traditions of combat practices which can help tackle these problems by promoting: self-defence, competition, physical health and fitness, entertainment, as well as mental and physical development among youths.

Martial art classes can add structure to teenagers' lives by encouraging a better sleep pattern after using up their energy in a class. As a result, they are more likely to feel the need to rest at a more reasonable hour and get the boost they need to get up and start the day earlier. This enables teenagers to have more sleep and leads to teenagers becoming motivated and productive on the weekends and in the day which can help in many aspects of a teenagers life.

Martial art classes will also promote teenagers being happier due to the release of dopamine a chemical which is released in the brain causing pleasure and happiness when doing exercise. Not only will martial arts classes ease stress in the short term by helping you sweat out the day's worries, but regular classes have also been proven to help you become less stressed out in the long term as well. As a result of less stress, teens are more likely to have happier, healthier lives when doing martial arts classes. Signing up your teenagers to a martial arts club near you can quickly promote a beneficial lifestyle for them.

Parents who have encouraged their children to do martial arts classes have noticed a huge difference in their children. Many have seen that their children have become 'energised, confident and less stressed out' and I have even noticed this in my own child.

To find a martial arts class for teenagers, use the class search on Martial Arts Near you to find a local class.

Source : Nuffield Foundation
Source: Martial Arts Near You