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Four reasons your child should join a Martial Arts class

10th February 2016

Four reasons your child should join a Martial Arts class
With the February half term looming and the Easter holiday not far behind it, now is the perfect time to be thinking about keeping your kids active and occupied during the breaks.

You could let them sit inside on the sofa watching TV or playing on the PlayStation, but that seems like a pretty unproductive use of their time.

That's why you should get them into a Martial Arts class. There are a whole host of benefits that make it a great way to learn new skills and keep up with a fun new hobby.

Reason One: Staying Active

As I've mentioned before, kids are doing less and less exercise every year, and it's formed a pretty troubling trend. In 2013, only 21% of boys and 15% of girls said they achieved the recommended amount of physical activity each day - which is 60 minutes for a child between 5 and 16.

Yet despite this, kids manage to watch 14 hours of Television a week on average. These figures are backwards, it should be the other way around. The problem can be that some children don't like traditional sports. When you play football or netball or rugby in PE, to do the same outside of school is a big ask if it's not really your thing. That's why a martial arts class is a great alternative. It's different, it's fun and children really respond well to its disciplined nature.

Reason Two: Confidence

A big problem that can be a cause of bullying, or general struggles in social situations is confidence. Anyone can lack confidence, whether it's getting up in front of audience, talking to a girl in a bar, or just trying to make new friends, for some people it can be difficult. By participating in a martial arts class and learning how to overcome bigger opponents, it will give your child the self-belief and confidence they need to tackle difficult situations.

Reason Three: Self-defence and discipline

There's one thing that martial arts instructors will preach to their students. Do not misuse your training. It's great knowing how to throw someone over your shoulder, or how to floor them with one kick... but that doesn't mean you should go around doing it. Used in the wrong circumstances, martial arts can be dangerous. It should only be used in an emergency or in a controlled situation.

That being said, it's great for self-defence. Some martial arts styles in particular such as Taekwondo, Aikido and Krav Maga are specifically for teaching the principles and basic techniques to combat anti-bullying. Giving them the confidence to stand up for themselves can help prevent further bullying

Reason Four: It's just great fun!

Regardless of all the great teachings, the important thing for children is that it's just great fun! Every class is different and with so many martial art styles available, the learning never stops. It's the perfect activity to go to on your own or with a sibling, or friend. Plus, by working their way through the gradings, they can gain a sense of achievement which again can be a big factor in increasing their confidence.

Find Children's Martial Arts classes

If you're finally convinced that signing your children up to a Martial Arts class is the right thing to do, then you've come to the right place! On Martial Arts Near You there are hundreds of Martial Arts clubs and instructors around the UK looking for new students. Whether you are looking for a junior karate class, a beginners Taekwondo class or a children's anti-bullying class, there are a huge range available.

Simply visit the website and enter your postcode in our search. This will identify all of the clubs and classes in your area. Once you have found one that suits your schedule, leave an enquiry with the instructor. Or for some instructors, you can now book a place in your class online. Just choose the dates you wish to attend and in minutes, you can have a class booked and paid for.
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