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Free Aikido class in Brighton

31st January 2014

Free Aikido class in Brighton
If you're looking to take a Martial Arts class in Brighton or the surrounding area, look no further than Brighton Aikikai's Aikido classes.

Aikido roughly translates as"The Way of Harmonising Energy". Aikido classes teach how to neutralise violence by mentally and physically exhausting aggression.

Brighton Aikikai is run by Phil Rozier, 4th dan Aikikai.

You can assure you are in safe hands with Phil who has been an instructor at Brighton Aikikai for over a decade. Phil has trained many people to become Aikikai black belts and BAB instructors.

Brighton Aikikai are so confident you'll enjoy their Aikido classes, they're giving you your first class for free! All you have to do is wear loose-fitting clothes to your free Aikido class and they will provide all the necessary equipment.

Brighton Aikikai offer a number of beginners Aikido classes in Brighton so there is no need to worry if you have no Martial art or Aikido experience.

Try a free Aikido class with Brighton Aikikai and learn how to neutralise violence.

For more information and to enquire about any of Brighton Aikikai's Martial Arts classes, click the link below.

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