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Get in to Martial Arts this Half Term!

5th October 2017

Get in to Martial Arts this Half Term!
Half-term is fast approaching. Keep your children entertained this October by enrolling them in a Martial Arts class. Let them blow off some steam from school, make new friends and improve their fitness levels all at once! And whilst they're kicking up a storm, maybe you could take some time for yourself and look at one of our Yoga or Pilates classes!

Why enrol children in a Martial Arts class this half term?

Martial Arts is a fun way to keep children active. It teaches them a diverse range of skills whilst also improving their fitness, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Children are getting less and less exercise than they need. Many kids and teens now spend several hours each day in front of a screen. Too much screen time without physical activity is contributing to the problem of childhood obesity.

Kids who are active will have stronger muscles and bones, a leaner body, a reduced risk of a several major health complaints and more energy.

Best type of Martial Arts for Kids

There are a wide variety of Martial Arts styles - ranging from those you may have heard of, such as Karate, to slightly more obscure styles like Aikido. The best styles for children are those that teach the basics, but you won't know the one that best suits your child's taste until they've given it a go.

The most popular martial arts for children include Karate, Taekwondo and Judo.

Children's Karate Classes tend to be the easiest for children to learn. With a large emphasis on mental attitude, it provides a solid foundation for the practise of all Martial Arts, and teaches children respect - which is always popular amongst parents!

Children's Judo Classes are more physical - Judo focuses on grappling and submission techniques, and will interest children looking to release some energy!

Children's Taekwondo Classes teach the art of self-defence. This is the primary style used in anti-bullying classes, and teaches a range of holds, strikes and grapples that ground opponents.

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

It's not just about the fitness and fun! Martial Arts classes often involve learning complex routines. Because of this, children enhance their ability to focus on specific tasks, a skill that is transferable when they get back to school.

Martial Arts is great for self confidence! By challenging them to learn something new, perform under pressure and socialise with new people, it reassures them of themselves and their ability to achieve their goals.

Martial Arts is not an aggresive sport, despite common misconception. Martial Arts provides children with the confidence to defend themselves against attackers, but also teaches them a key life lesson: conflict resolution. Many teachers and clubs teach anti-bullying classes that focus on making children situationally aware, and teaches them techniques to help deal with threataning or dangerous situations. With the growing bullying problem in the UK, these lessons are invaluable to children.

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