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Government launches Knife-free campaign

5th April 2018

Government launches Knife-free campaign

Government launches Knife-free campaign

Knife crime is growing, especially on the Streets of London. It's often drug-related knife crime. Gang warfare and extreme violence are on the rise. According to the Evening Standard 50 people have been knifed in London so far this year and nearly a thousand young people were shot or stabbed in London last year. It's a serious problem.

Channel 4 news claims that teenagers as young as 8 were involved with gangs selling drugs and that these kids were often carrying knives for protection.

Spurred into action The British Government started a campaign to increase awareness and help stop this senseless bloodshed.

The campaign aims to highlight how knife crime is wasting young people lives. To highlight the issue a new website has been launched www.knifefree.co.uk with examples of how knife crime has destroyed families. The campaign is having real-life stories of kids who decided to go a different way, a knife-free way and suggests ideas for alternative activities that young people can get involved in.


Many kids can't see any future for their lives. Growing up in poverty often leads to death in poverty too. Families in some areas are struggling to cope both socially and economically. Joining a gang is seen by some youngsters are being a way out. But it comes at a personal cost to them and ultimately their families. Pictures of distraught mothers on TV sums up the devastation of their children being violently killed on the streets of London.


The campaign hights alternatives for young people and Martial Art clubs offer a real alternative. Boxing Clubs have traditionally been an escape route for young people in poorer communities to get out learn new skills and be part of something positive. Today Martial Arts clubs of all types offer a real alternative with their focus on discipline, fitness, confidence building and importantly respect.


1) Time

Many of the media commentators are aware that the pressures of time on today's parents mean that children can be left unattended after school and on weekends. It's easy for them to be caught up in gang culture. Parents maybe for economic reasons leave their children to fend for themselves. The children feel isolated and that's a real problem.

But there are lots of alternatives to a life of crime. Martial Arts clubs offer after-school training sessions that combine sport, release aggression and help children to control your emotions. They become part of a club a community where they work together.

Many Martial Arts clubs run classes after school, early evenings and at weekends. The focus for many clubs is children and teenagers. They offer life building opportunities and a help develop a mindset that will help them to grow and understand their environment.

2) Confidence

Joining a Martial Art class will give children and teenagers the confidence to stay away from fights and conflict. Strong enough to walk away from conflict. The confidence to say no to drugs and gangs. The confidence to believe in themselves and make better choices in life.

3) Discipline

Today discipline and support are missing in many families. Single parents, especially mothers, don't have the time to watch their kids due to work commitments. The absence of a father figure also impacts on young male children looking for role models that fit their gender. Gangs fill that need in spades being young male and are aggressive and increasingly violent.

Martial Arts clubs teach discipline and respect. Its the basis of all martial arts. They encourage positive role models to give young people a chance to learn and progress in life. Discipline is important for everyone but for kids who lack discipline a martial arts class is a good place to start.

4) Attention

All children demand attention especially teenagers. By joining a martial arts class after school children or at weekends children get the attention they deserve and get quality disciplined supervision. This helps busy mums and families. Discipline in the club leads to better discipline at home and school. It makes parents lives easier.

5) Work

Teenagers learn how to work hard to get what they want. Many criminals want to attract teenagers with fast money in exchange for favors like dealing drugs. But that's not the way it works in life. You need to work hard in order to achieve. Children get to learn that you have to work hard, train first to gain success later. It's a mindset that youths can learn in martial arts classes. According to the wise saying, fun when the job is done.

6) Self - defence
Let's face it, there will be situations where you have to defend yourself. No matter how hard you try to avoid these situations, there will be people who use violence or the use the threat of violence to intimidate people. This is how gangs work.

Martial arts teaches self-defence. But learning self-defence is not about taking out an opponent its more concerned with identifying dangerous situations, things to avoid how to escape from a potentially violent confrontation. In essence its not about fighting it's about surviving.

That said it's a good skill for children to be able to defend yourself if there is no other option. Learning a martial art will help them in a fight.

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Martial Arts near you is a partner and a supporter of the government's knife free campaign. We believe that martial art is the way to go if you want to get teenagers off the streets and away from drug and gang crime. So if you want to find a class for yourself or for one of your kids, there are plenty of classes and clubs near you.