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How Anti-Bullying Classes Can Protect Your Kids

14th September 2017

How Anti-Bullying Classes Can Protect Your Kids
Anti bullying charities estimate that 145,000 teenagers suffer from abuse both in school and via social media. According to the Daily Mail, it is reaching epidemic levels. In some cases it can lead to suicide among vulnerable children. Self defense classes are helping to tackle this issue.

Whilst the paper claims the government is not doing enough, parents can take action to protect their children by enrolling them in an anti-bullying class. These classes aim to help children deal with bullies both physically and mentally.

Bullying can happen anywhere; in school, on the street or online. With kids going back to school, conflict and bullying can have a serious impact on children's academic performance and confidence levels.

Martial Arts clubs around the UK offer both anti-bullying classes and self-defence classes for people of all ages. The aim is to help any victims to deal with both the emotional and physical trauma caused by bullying. Classes focus on building confidence, building self esteem, and defence techniques.

By teaching children and teenagers to defend themselves against physical and mental harassment, they will become more self confident and capable of dealing with these attacks and their implications.

Where can I find an anti-bullying class?

Anti-bullying classes are available in all major UK cities, including: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool.

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