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How can I find a Martial Arts class?

21st December 2016

How can I find a Martial Arts class?
How to find a martial arts class near you

Want to get fit for 2017? Many people fail their New Year's resolution because they lose interest or motivation.

Exercising can be a chore for many and that's why easy access to a fun way of working out is needed to keep the fire in the belly burning.

How can you find a Martial Arts Class?

Answer: Simple. The MyNearYou App, now available for download on iPhone, gives you quick access to thousands of health and fitness classes including Martial Arts.


There are a whole range of Martial Arts clubs, dojos and instructors around the UK looking for new students in 2017. They offer everything from Krav Maga classes, to traditional Martial arts styles such as Karate or Judo.

The App allows you to customise your search. There's no need to spend time scrolling through listings. With our filters, you can quickly choose what style you are looking for and choose classes of a suitable level. So you can choose a children's class, a women's only class or an advanced level class if you need.

With January around the corner, we're already seeing thousands of people everyday flock to NearYou websites to find health and fitness classes. You can now find the same results via the MyNearYou App. Just download it.

How can you book a martial arts class?

The APP focuses on local. It allows you to use GPS to find your nearest Martial Arts classes, or you can search by postcode, city or town if you're looking for a specific area.

Once you find a suitable class, you can use Apple Pay or any credit or debit card to book yourself a place in a class.

Because January is a busy time of year for Martial Arts businesses, it's best to get your place secured early. Already we're seeing plenty of bookings ahead of the New Year. There's also lots of fantastic beginner's workshops and introductory deals to get you started. You can find these on the App through our offers and events sections!

Don't wait any longer to prepare yourself for the New Year's fitness regime. Get your place booked today and make the most of the Christmas celebrations before the hard work begins. With the ease of the MyNearYou App, there's now no excuse not to get fit, stay fit and feel good!
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