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How can Martial Arts help weight loss?

26th January 2017

How can Martial Arts help weight loss?
Is your goal for the new year to improve your fitness and lose weight? But are you getting bored of jogging on a treadmill? To keep you motivated, you should consider starting martial arts!

It's no coincidence that gyms and personal trainers are incorporating exercises and training techniques from a wide variety of martial arts in their work outs! Boxercise classes and Cardio-Kickboxing classes are growing in popularity, whilst trainers are using punch bags, kicking pads and focus mits in their training sessions.

Why is Martial Arts so good for fitness?

Most martial arts classes include high intensity drills and exercises that improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness. These high intensity classes usually last around an hour and burn high numbers of calories, therefore it's great for anyone looking to lose weight.

As well as helping you lose weight, martial arts classes can improve muscle flexibility and muscle strength, therefore they are perfect for anyone looking to build overall fitness. Martial Arts training often incorporates push ups, squats and other body weight exercises.

As a result of all of these fitness benefits, martial artists are widely regarded as being amongst the fittest athletes in the world. Practitioners of Judo and Karate are also considered to be pound for pound the strongest and most flexible athletes in the world.

Which styles of Martial Arts are the best for weight loss?

Muay Thai Classes

Muay Thai is is characterised by devastating kicks, knees and elbows. It's a very simplistic form of martial art that doesn't contain any flashy techniques. Training for Muay Thai usually consists of developing punching/kicking, as well as agility and and conditioning. Work outs are normally very tough, and very intense. But that's why it sees such great results!

Combat Fitness Classes

Martial Arts fitness classes have grown in popularity all around the world and they're not as scary as they sound! If you love the idea of getting fit in an exciting and motivated environment without getting beaten up whilst sparing then this is for you!

Combat fitness classes are inspired by mixed martial arts, with techniques drawn from multiple disciplines. Combat fitness tones key muscle groups including the upper body, lower body, arms and legs whilst burning approximately 740 calories in a 50 minute session!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes

BJJ is characterised by throws, take-downs and manipulation rather than kicks and punches. BJJ classes are very physically demanding as they combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You need to be more powerful than your opponent to earn their submission, as well as having longer endurance.

Mixed Martial Arts classes

MMA classes contain a combination of many traditional styles, including all of those mentioned above. That's what makes it such a brilliant fitness tool. Training combines combat fitness, the explosive power of BJJ, the intensity of Muay Thai as well as many other benefits of different martial arts. As a result of this, MMA athletes are regarded as some of the fittest and most complete athletes in the world today. Many MMA gyms will allow you to participate In the fitness training of MMA without necessarily having to step in to the ring!

Where can I find a martial arts fitness class?

Martial Arts Near You has a wide variety of martial arts classes in your local area. Whether you're looking for a local combat fitness class or a local MMA studio – there will be something for you. All you need to do is search using your post code.

Once you have searched for a martial arts class in your area, you will have the opportunity to view the local martial arts instructors profiles. You can then choose a class that will help you meet your goals. You can take advantage of our online booking system and book yourself in there and then, or just use the contact form to send a message to the instructor.
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