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How Londoners can protect themselves against knife crime

16th April 2018

How Londoners can protect themselves against knife crime

How Londoners can protect themselves against knife crime

The media coverage of knife crimes in London soared during that last few weeks as knife attacks soared. That's just half the story the fact is Londoners are facing increased numbers of attacks and muggings.

With fewer police on the streets, London streets are not as safe as they used to be and there are increased numbers of opportunity thefts and attacks on the streets.

Even more worrying is that it could happen to anyone. No one is safe even pizza delivery people, recent a black belt martial arts instructor had his phone stolen whilst he was making a call! They picked the wrong guy and he rescued his phone from the teenager. But this demonstrates it could happen to anyone.

They are fearless and they are on the lookout for opportunities, it could be your iPhone, handbag wallet, even scooters, or a car.

It could happen anywhere, anytime, even on busy London street, on the pavement, in a cafe, at a station, in a car park or a set of traffic lights. The perpetrators of these attacks can be very young, teenagers working in gangs on foot or on scooters or motorbikes.

They are on the lookout for people who have valuables and are not paying attention!

Londoners top tips

One of the best ways for Londoners to protect themselves is to join a self-defence class. These are run by Martial Clubs in London. The aim of the self-defence classes is to learn how to keep safe on the streets of London. They teach:

AWARENESS one of the main concepts is to train people to be aware of potential danger areas, busy streets don't mean your safe. Watch people and recognise potential threats through their behaviour.

HOW TO KEEP A LOW PROFILE keep valuables out of sight, don't walk around with a flashy gold watch, keep your valuable mobile phone or laptop in your pockets out of sight.

HOW TO BE PREPARED attacks happen in seconds so if your being attacked look for escape routes and basic skills in protecting yourself.

Self-defence classes will make you more aware of how Londoners can take some basic steps to make life safer.

How to react if you're attacked

It will come as a shock, people freeze. But what a self-defence class will do it train you to react positively. To expect the unexpected. Be mentally prepared and deal with it.

According to Matt Milchard, chief instructor at Pyramid Martial Arts in Woolwich “If someone has a knife doesn't try to take them on. Look for an escape route and escape as fast as you can. They have a knife which could cut an artery and that would cause serious damage even a fatality. At Pyramid, we teach people how to escape and steps you can take to prevent serious injury.”

According to David Hall at Modern Combat Martial Arts in West London “It's incredible these kids have no fear. They will steal from anyone and if they're on a scooter they are away in seconds. Fact is you need to be prepared and self-defence classes focus more on awareness and avoiding situations which open people up to being a victim of crime. That's what our self-defence classes are all about. If you don't give them an opportunity you reduce the risk.”

How to deal with a knife attack

First and foremost knives are dangerous and peoples reactions to a knife attack exposes them to fatal injuries. Knife attacks are frequently fatal because most people expose their arteries in their arms as they try to stop the attacks or they are knifed in the groin. These reactions expose these important areas and can result in arteries being cut.

The best way to deal with a knife attack is to run away!

How to defend yourself from a knife attack

Unless you are a skilled martial arts person who has practised Krav Maga, FMA or Schema, you're probably going to end up in a bad way. These martial arts are designed to help you on the street. They simulate real-life situations and teach people how to overcome an attacker using a deadly weapon and how to use objects to thwart an attacker. Everyday items can be used as a defensive weapon, even a newspaper.

However, you need to be trained and you will need to practice. Join a Krav Maga, FMA, class near you.

Self Defence Seminar

New Life Taekwondo in Camden is running a self-defence training session on the 22nd April which will teach the basics of self-defence defence plus practical steps people can take in real-life situations. It's a military-style training boot-camp open to the public no premiership is required. It's only £20 and you can book it online here.

Inexpensive Self Defence class in London

Most clubs run self-defence classes you on a regular basis they are inexpensive ranging from £15-£20 for class. It's very reasonable when you consider that it could potentially save a life.

Find a self-defence class near you and learn the basic skills to protect yourself today.