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How martial arts boost confidence

6th November 2014

How martial arts boost confidence
Confidence is important for any child to grow and flourish through their childhood and teen years. For children who maybe lack self confidence, enrolling them onto a martial arts programme may be the answer.

Martial arts for confidence

Anti-Bullying Week is fast approaching, and many martial arts clubs are running specialist classes to focus on the skills martial arts provides to children and young adults in terms of self confidence, anti bullying, self esteem and more.

Martial arts equip your child with a range of tools to take forward in their life. Martial arts isn't just about learning the martial art; martial arts teaches mental defence as well as self defence. Martial arts teaches its pupils to become leaders- control of mind and body is practised as well as respect for the teacher and learning a new skill with precision.

Children who bully: attention towards them is gained from their behaviour, or the confidence it brings when having a crowd follow them. Martial arts can teach a different kind of behaviour which they can adopt, which moves their confidence gained from negativity into a positive sphere, so that they won't need to resort to bullying. Confidence is built by progression through each lesson, learning a new skill and working their way up the martial arts rankings. A sense of pride follows from the confidence they have in themselves to perform their martial art well.

For children who are being bullied: martial arts can work wonders to remedy your child's confidence. Respect is earned in martial arts, and pupils as well as teacher respect your child when practising. Interacting with others and learning new skills boosts self esteem, raising their confidence and in turn equipping them better mentally when dealing with bullying.

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Source: www.martialartsnearyou.co.uk