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How much can a martial art club earn a month near me?

4th November 2021

How much can a martial art club earn a month near me?

Helping people keep fit and healthy is a good way to earn a good living. The lock down has changed the way in which martial art clubs earn a living. It has opened up opportunities and focused demand for the best martial art instructors.

What are the benefits of running your own martial arts business?

The biggest benefit is that you get to help young children get fit and stay fit and get paid. It also brings a level of freedom that you just can't get doing a 9-5 job. This is particularly true if you have a young family or have reached an age where the daily office routine or pressure of work has made working for someone else to stress-full.

Plus, running a martial art business on the NearYou platform is a great way to earn a very good income, it takes care of all the marketing, bookings and reporting.

Can martial art clubs and instructors earn more running their own classes?

The simple answer is yes. The NearYou earning estimator breaks down potential earnings by location based on average class prices being purchased in that area. Running your own martial art business can be very rewarding. Many club owners started on NearYou growing from running a few classes to running thriving studios.

The NearYou revenue estimator shows that martial art clubs can generate a good income by even if they are running just only a few classes per month. More classes mean more revenue. Plus benefiting from the freedom NearYou platform offers!


What are the benefits of running your martial arts business on NearYou?

The main benefit is the NearYou is a marketing and booking platform it integrates all the services that an club needs to run a fitness business from attracting students, to taking bookings, managing students, getting financial business information all on one single admin.

NearYou gives clubs the ability to promote and take bookings for in-person class, events, workshops, courses and video on demand at a very affordable subscription charge annually or every six months.

Martial arts Clubs can add up to 5 instructors from one location. Plus you can offer online activities using Zoom. Upgrades are available to all more clubs and multiple instructors. Even better the platform helps market other activities such as yoga, and pilates and dance which expands increases the potential audience and potential customers.

Single martial art club instructors can list up to 5 venues and unlimited classes. Often instructors prefer to run their businesses from local venues, church halls, social clubs that have cheap affordable room hire.

The main benefit is that you are in control and NearYou provides martial arts clubs and instructors with a host of marketing tools to help attract customers.

Is the NearYou Platform Free?

The platform is a subscription cloud based service that is accessible anywhere any time. The service includes automatic inclusion of all your activities across the NearYou platform including activity specific websites such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts Near You, as well as NearYou Mobile apps and the NearYou.best website.

Source: NearYou