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It's never too late to start Martial Arts

8th June 2017

It's never too late to start Martial Arts
When most people think of a Martial Arts class, they either think of Children learning Karate, or grown men engaging in violent combat in a ring. Many people overlook it as a fun activity for adults. If you're an adult thinking about trying Martial Arts, but are worrying it may be too late to start, then we're going to tell why you shouldn't worry at all...

Why Martial Arts is good for everyone


You might be unsure about joining a Martial Arts class because you're not feeling fit enough to do so. This isn't a reason to avoid it, in fact it's quite the opposite. Martial Arts is a great way of getting into shape. Some styles are high intensity and some in particular are designed to be an effective cardiovascular workout. In just a few weeks of structured training, you'll soon start to lose weight, improve muscle tone and develop greater endurance.


When an attack takes place on the street, often the victim is not selected based on age. In many cases, they'll be targeted because they look weaker or less able to defend themselves. By learning basic self defence techniques, you'll gain greater perceptual awareness in order to avoid dangerous situations. You'll also be taught simple methods to disarm or escape a larger opponent, from behind or when cornered.

Stress relief

Stress is not too much of a concern for young Children, but for adults who have lots of responsibility and pressure in their lives, things can get stressful. Getting overwhelmed by it can lead to the deterioration of mental, physical or emotional well being. By doing just a couple hours of Martial Arts a week, you have a great output for stress, whether it be on the pads, a sparring partner, a punch-bag or just release through general exercise.

Martial Arts will also help you improve focus and concentration regardless of your age and these are great life skills that can be applied to all situations.

Will my class be full of kids?

No! There are mixed age classes, but many Martial Arts Clubs have specific adult classes. This way, more attention can be paid to the course so that the training is appropriate.

Martial Arts Classes for Adults

Most martial arts styles are suitable for all ages. However different styles help you achieve different goals.

If you're looking to learn self-defence then a Krav Maga class or an Aikido class would be a good choice. If you want to improve fitness or lose weight then kickboxing classes or Muay Thai are really effective, rewarding workouts.

However, styles such as Karate, Taewkondo and Judo, whilst more traditionally learnt from a young age, are still suitable for all age groups and they're the most common classes and clubs around.

How to find a Martial Arts class

Due to a rise in popularity and the emergence of more 'fusion' combat fitness classes, Martial Arts classes are easy to find.

Around the UK there are thousands of Martial Arts Clubs that cater for all age groups. Many of them are listed on Martial Arts Near You. You can find a local one by heading onto the website homepage and searching based on your postcode.

Alternatively, use the 'NearYou' iPhone App to find your nearest Martial Arts Instructor and seeing what exclusive deals there are for beginners.
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