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What is Ju -Jitsu?

Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat developed around the 17th century. Jitsu began as a battlefield martial art. It was developed by the Samurai warriors to deal with armed opponents when they had lost their weapons.

Joining a Ju-Jitsu class is a great way to improve fitness, confidence and self defence. Ju-Jitsu classes concentrate on yielding to an opponent’s direction of attack and attempting to control their own force against them. Ju-Jitsu utilises grappling moves and strikes.

Ju-Jitsu students are expected to learn how to evade attacks, use leverage against an opponent and how to attack nerves and pressure points. Find a Ju-Jitsu class near you use the search on this page

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Why should you attend a Ju-Jitsu class?

Ju-Jitsu classes are ideal for everyone. They help build fitness and versatility. They also develop skills in grappling, using take downs, throws and submissions.

Ju-Jitsu classes improve confidence, efficiency, patience, personal control and self-defence.

Classes are available for children, beginners,intermediate and advanced. Competitions are open to males and females. Why not find a Ju-Jitsu class or instructor near you? Use the search on this page.

Who can benefit from attending Ju-Jitsu classes?

Ju-Jitsu classes are available to all ages from children to seniors, male and female. Rules apply depending on age and status.

Ju-Jitsu is increasingly attracting people with a disability*. So if you are disabled this sport maybe of interest.

* Please check with the Martial Art Club or venue to confirm it has disabled facilities.

Types of Ju-Jitsu classes

Today the main categories are Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

Essentially Ju-Jitsu classes are of Japanese origin and are more in line with the original form of the martial art. Classes focus on a stand up, form style as practiced by samurai warriors.

These include stand up joint locks, ways to escape from various positions, defence, strikes to vital areas (such as the throat and eyes and nerve areas) and weapons training.

BJJ or Brazilian Ju-Jitsu focuses more on ground work. The idea being a larger opponent is more vulnerable once on the ground.

Search for a Ju-Jitsu class or Ju-Jitsu instructor on this page.

How do I choose a Ju-Jitsu class, teacher or instructor?

Select a class in your area. They often run introductory classes. The key is to find a class that suits you, then book online. By booking securely online you are reserving your place. Many Martial Arts clubs are operating smaller class sizes so you are advised to book online in advance. Do not just turn up at the club.

Find a local Ju-Jitsu classes in London and other major UK cities use the martial art search directory on this page.

Check that they have a valid DBS (for kids lessons) and certificate of insurance.