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Karate and its key benefits for you

17th December 2014

Karate and its key benefits for you
Karate is one of the more popular styles of martial arts across all ages and abilities. Karate is a self defence martial arts which originated from Okinawa in Japan. 'Karate' is formed from the Japanese language- Kara meaning 'empty' and the meaning 'hand.' this symbolises that Karate practitioners are unarmed, but use the body (arms, hands, feet and legs) as striking weapons for defence.

Physically, Karate provides many benefits for you. Karate improves your stamina, strength, flexibility and balance. As well as this, your concentration is improved from paying attention to detail in practising your moves and strikes correctly. Karate also improves your self awareness, will power and confidence- all of which is fully transferable from the class into your everyday life.

Karate entails hard physical training- you can start your Karate journey as an absolute beginner and work your way up the rankings. There are grading bodies which allow you to progress in Karate through belts. It generally takes around 3-4 years to reach your 1st Dan (Black belt) but the time spent will have enhanced all of your skills above and will have transformed you into a Karate pro.

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