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Keep the kids busy this summer with a Martial Arts class

24th July 2017

Keep the kids busy this summer with a Martial Arts class
School is officially out for the summer and that means the kids have got 7 weeks of freedom. Now for parents, that can prove pretty stressful.

Some children are content with sitting around playing video games and watching TV, but in reality, this isn't good for them. Exercise is important and most kids don't get enough of it.

On the other hand, some can't stand the thought of being sat around doing nothing. They need entertaining, they're brimming with energy and need a way to channel that into something positive.

This is where Martial Arts classes can provide the perfect foil. Martial Arts clubs across the UK run classes throughout the summer for kids. That means your children can get regular weekly exercise and learn a new skill while they do it.

Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Martial Arts classes for kids come with a whole range of great benefits. It's recommended that Children get at least 60 minutes a day of moderate physical activity. Martial Arts won't provide that every day, but it certainly can a few times a week.

Martial Artists are some of the fittest athletes in world sport. A quick look at fighters such as Conor McGregor, Anthony Joshua and Ronda Rousey just shows you the level of fitness that can be achieved through dedicated training. Now the kids won't be doing it full time, but classes will still help them to build strength, tone muscle and improve stamina. The additional strength will be beneficial while growing up as the body changes shape. Very few sports for children offer all of these benefits during a standard training session and training in Martial Arts can also benefit you for other sporting pursuits. A number of elite sport stars incorporate Martial Arts based exercises into their training routine.

Children will also benefit from the social aspect of a Martial Arts class. By practicing with people of their own age, they'll be able to interact with children who have similar interests and develop their social skills. In turn, this will help develop confidence and self-esteem. Often in Martial Arts you are fighting a larger opponent, by being able to overcome that you'll develop confidence in daunting situations. As a student improves, they'll be able to work their way up through the gradings to achieve a better ranked belt. These steps forward are also a great confidence booster and give them experience of working hard to achieve recognition.

Martial Arts classes are also a great way to improve focus and discipline. Children have become dependent on technology and martial arts is a great way to break this dependency. It'll help to clear the mind and improve awareness of what's going on around them. Martial Arts also focuses heavily on discipline. Just because you know how to strike someone, it doesn't mean you should. It's taught more for self-defence and can be a great skill to possess in order to resolve conflict.

Which Martial Art is most suitable?

There are a lot of different Martial Arts classes available, some of which are more suitable to children than others. Traditionally, martial arts such as Taekwondo and Karate are the most popular with Children. They have detailed grading structures and teach important life skills, with Karate in particular being popular with parents due to the respect and discipline it teaches. The same goes for Jiu-Jitsu classes and Judo. They all differ in style but are the easiest to learn which makes them suitable for kids.

Find a martial arts class near you

Martial Arts classes are also great for adults and many of the same benefits as above apply. The great news is that whatever type of class you're looking for, you can find it on Martial Arts Near You.

Download the'NearYou' iPhone App or head to the Martial Arts Near You homepage to enter your location and see what local classes are available. Once you've found a local Martial Arts instructor, you can either book a class online or contact them to find out more details.
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