The emphasis of kick boxing classes varies depending on the class and instructor, however, which ever type of class you choose, students will wind up stronger, better coordinated and with more flexible form

Kick boxing Classes teach self-defence and improve health and fitness. Traditional Kick Boxing is taught as a contact sport and as the name suggests, involves a lot of kicking and punching. Cardio kickboxing classes differ from self-defense focused classes in that they focus on aerobic fitness.

Essentially all Kickboxing classes combines learning self-defence skills with a high-impact workout incorporating aerobic exercise and resistance training to develop a strong, and fit physique. Students get to use both the upper and lower body to punch, kick, block and elbow a phantom opponent, which keeps heart rate high and strengthens muscles.

A Kick boxing class can be physically demanding, designed to improve cardio respiratory health, overall fitness and concentration. Kickboxing incorporates a variety of different exercises, making it an ideal workout for those who are easily bored by more repetitive and monotonous forms of martial art and fitness exercise.

Kick boxing is a hybrid martial art and originally grew out of Karate, Thai boxing and western boxing. Find a local kick boxing class or kick boxing club near where you live or work, use our postcode search.


Kick boxing classes vary depending on the Club, Gym or the Kick Boxing instructor with more or less emphasis on self defence. All classes focus on aerobic fitness.

In a typical kickboxing class, participants learn to use both the upper and lower body to punchs, kick, block and elbow a phantom opponent using punching bags, and speed bags.

Learn how to punch, throw jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts.

Practice a variety of kicks such as the roundhouse, designed to improve balance and increase flexibility.

A range of moves are practised in classes such as bobbing and weaving kicks, knee-ups and punches.

Students learn to gauge distance and landing punches and kicks practising on punch bags.

Self defence Kick Boxing classes may include one-on-one challenges on live opponents, and periodic strength training. Strength-training intervals require students to do exercies such as squats lunges, pushups, biceps curls, shoulder presses and triceps dips, to develop muscles for stronger punches, blocks, and kicks.

Kickboxing classes improve biceps, triceps, deltoids muscle strength and improve toning in the hipsa and legs, and core.


Kick boxing classes are ideal for everyone including men, women and children. Clubs and gyms offer structured training. Protective gear is compulsory.

With classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced and competition level there's a class for everybody. Sparing is usually optional, many people take classes for the exercise so the decision is yours.

Kick Boxing Classes are increasingly being taken up by women as a total-body workout to strengthen, tone and reduce body fat all at the same time. It increases flexibility, burns calories, improves coordination and increase cardiovascular fitness.

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