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Kickboxing: the amazing body benefits!

1st October 2014

Kickboxing: the amazing body benefits!
Kickboxing: the amazing body benefits!

Kickboxing is an amazing way for you to get fit quick. Burning up to 750 calories an hour (yes, really!) kickboxing is fast becoming the most popular workout for women.

What happens in a kickboxing class?

Kickboxing gives you a high energy workout due to its combination of cardio moves and martial arts techniques. During a kickboxing session, you can expect a lot of high impact moves such as punching and karate type kicking, and when combined provides you with a vigorous body workout, which uses both your upper and lower body. You'll see your stamina increase and the pounds drop off!

Kickboxing for burning fat

Using both upper and lower body moves works your core muscles too. Punching engages your shoulders, lower back muscles and arms, toning and burning fat from the intense cardio elements of kickboxing as well as kicking, which does the same for your legs.

Not only this, but from the cardio and martial arts combination your core strength is improved quickly. From the pace of kickboxing, you'll feel your body tense, not only working your arms or legs but improving your abdominal muscles too. The Cardio conditioning side of kickboxing is especially good at ridding the infamous muffin top!

Every move used in kickboxing works the major muscles in your body. Because the short sessions (a class can range from 45 minutes to an hour) are so fast and intense, your metabolism benefits from the sudden burst of energy too.

So why not take an hour out of your day and give kickboxing a go? You'll soon see the results!

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