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Knightsbridge Fencing Club Wins Sport Organisation of the Year Award

18th November 2019

Knightsbridge Fencing Club Wins Sport Organisation of the Year Award

Knightsbridge fencing club adds another trophy to growing list of awards. The club is based in Recliffe Gardens, Kensington has been awarded the Sport Organisation by RBKC 2019.

The award recognises the club for its work in making the club, friendly, happy and inclusive.

The club develops fencing is for all ages, for children from aged 4, school children, teenagers, adult beginners classes, male and female.

The Knightsbridge fencing club, exclusively teaches fencing in London. 

All levels are catered for whether you are new to the sport or a competitive fencer looking to move to the next level, their skilled team of international coaches recognise individual needs and strengths.

At Knightsbridge Fencing Club encourages pride in what our fencers can do and ambition for what they can achieve.

Children love the challenge, and adults leave their sessions knowing they have had the best workout!

Fencing is a physically active and highly strategic game that develops endurance, coordination, decision-making, reflexes and mental agility.

A great work out is guaranteed mentally and physically.

Cross swords with fencing at the award winning Knightsbridge Fencing Club.

View the clubs fencing schedule here.