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Kung Fu classes bring massive smiles to kids and to mum

21st July 2014

Kung Fu classes bring massive smiles to kids and to mum
Choosing a Martial Arts class can be a daunting task for parents living in London but one which is often hugely rewarding for both you and your children.

Here, one Mother shares her experience of finding a Martial Arts class and how choosing Kung Fu classes for her children led to greater changes that she ever imagined.

The benefits of Kung Fu for children

Over two years ago, mother of 2 boys, Wendy Smith, was searching for a Martial Arts club when she found the Ealing Nam Pai Chuan club and enrolled her sons then aged 10 and 13 years old. Now with healthier and happier children she hasn't looked back since.

Wendy wanted her boys to learn Kung Fu, to help the boys develop self-discipline, self-control, and better awareness of their bodies and skills in resolving conflict in non-violent ways.

When she found a local club offering Kung Fu classes in Ealing, the boys were excited to start lessons, thinking that they were getting to wear cool uniforms (true) and learn to beat people up (not so true).

Despite being very different in character, personality and physical build Wendy believes the benefits they have both received from regular Kung Fu classes are equally outstanding.

Wendy's older son is the 'deep-thinking day-dreamer'. Kung Fu has helped him develop a sense of being grounded and improved his flexibility and co-ordination. He can even dance better now - no more jerking skeleton moves!

The younger son needed an outlet for his energy and physical exuberance, as well as to learn to control himself. He was fond of physical retaliation against any perceived slight at home or school. Kung Fu classes have improved his confidence and helped curb his tendency to overeat as he's developed a new awareness of his body. He is now happier and complains less about being 'bullied' at school.

Kung Fu has helped both boys focus their minds, attention and energy.

The boys teacher at Ealing Nam Pai Chuan club has a firm, clear approach to instructing and high expectations of the children's behaviour and efforts. Which is ideal for the boys who respond very well to it. They respect their instructors, take their lessons seriously, enjoy the company of their new friends and have enormous fun at class.

“They always return home with sparkling eyes, glowing skin, red cheeks and massive smiles on their faces."

On top of the other benefits of Kung Fu, their sense of responsibility and respect for others has improved by seeing that Kung Fu is not simply about physical fitness, it's about self-discipline and teamwork. They're amazed at how long it takes to practice properly, and see that they're really training their minds and bodies.

Recently they went for a grading and were both so proud and happy to be part of a crowd of children and adults all dressed alike, ready to aim for a new goal. The atmosphere in the hall before the grading was exciting and uplifting, and they came home exhilarated.

Wendy adds : “As for helping them achieve non-violent conflict resolution skills, I can certainly say that they now look almost choreographed when they have friendly grappling sessions at home with one another and the dog.

At least they know how NOT to hurt each another: using correct Kung Fu moves make for lots more injury-free fun!"

As Wendy's story proves finding the right Martial Arts class can have numerous benefits for children (as well as adults). If you'd like to find a Kung Fu or other Martial Arts class in your local area simply enter your post code into Martial Arts Near You.

Ealing Nam Pai Chuan club offer a range of adult and children's beginners Kung Fu classes in Ealing, West London. The first Kung Fu class with Ealing Nam Pai Chuan club is free, so why not click the link below and start your Martial Art journey today?