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19th July 2019

The syllabus aims to improve and develop what are already your natural instincts and add to them with a wider range of techniques for every first goal in training is to acquire a sufficient degree of skill in practical Self-Defence. This consists of first increasing awareness of surroundings and ways to avoid conflict. Then - what to do if conflict is unavoidable. "What c...
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Our Mission

18th June 2019

We're on a mission to provide the highest quality martial arts training accessible to everyone in our community. We do that by pre planning every session and ensuring the individual needs of each student are met. **Boost Your Child's Confidence and Physical Fitness with Our Freestyle Martial Arts Classes** KMMA Martial Arts Kids classes, known as Kickbox Kids, is a safe,...
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New students - first 5 lessons for discounted prices

17th June 2019

Want to get fitter and learn a traditional martial art, then karate may be perfect and we offer processional lessons, which cater for all abilities in the Surrey & Hampshire areas. New students can either pay for their first 5 lessons for a reduced fee, or have unlimited use of any of our classes in their first month, for a one off low cost. The sessions are challenging, b...
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Start your "feel good" journey with us today !

8th May 2019

On 4th May 2019, KMMA Freestyle opened a new middle floor, thus offering double the number of classes and choices as before. The studio on the top floor hosts a large matted area, over 20 leather punch bags, step up boxes and much more. The new floor which opened on 4th May 2019 hosts another matted area for bodyweight or floor work, a fully equipped free weight and re...
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KMMA Class Pass back by popular demand for 2019

4th January 2019

Amazing deal KMMA class pass offers access to our gym and classes at very low price of £15 for 7 days. Pay online by card. Train when you want with this class pass. Great value martial art training pass. Use the pass Monday to Friday at the gym. The pass can be used Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing classes. Check the passes page for full details.
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6th December 2018

Anyone with an interest or experience in martial arts will probably be aware that the 'this discipline is better than that' argument has been going on for as long as people have been punching and kicking. Even if you have no interest in martial arts, you will undoubtedly have seen films where one person defends themselves against another. You may have been left with the im...
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Wayne Otto OBE - Karate seminar in Surrey, UK on Sunday 8th April

8th July 2018

Wayne Otto OBE will teach his 11th open karate seminar for us on Sunday 8th July. The session will run from 11.00-14.00 hours and will cost £30 pre booked or £35 on the door. This is a chance for all budding karate students to be inspired by a real legend and for competitors to hone their existing skills. Wayne Otto OBE is a 9 time World champion, 9 time European champio...
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World Championships Team now in training

4th July 2018

The Tae Kwon Do International World Chamlionships will be hel on the 21st and 22nd July at The Arena Birmingham and West Midlamds Tae Kwon do are sending a ten strong team to compete across a wide variety of sparring and patterns divisions. The group have been training hard in sparfit classes in the run up to the Championships with individuals training across all instruc...
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NEW - AMAZING special 7 days unlimited pass only £15.90

22nd June 2018

JUST launched our 76day UNLIMITED CLASS PASS. This incredible deal gives you access to 6 days of training from our range of Kick Boxing Class, Krav Maga , Muay Thai Class, self defense classes. Equipment provided so no having to go out and buy your own pads! Now you can train with the best 6 days a week! Book now online.
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Guro Kevin Jones - 4th Degree Promotion

5th May 2018

Outstanding achievement for long-standing member Guro Kevin Jones on his recent promotion to 4th Degree Instructor in Bakbakan Kali Ilustrisimo. Guro Kevin is a highly respected and creative practitioner who is at the very forefront of the evolution of training methodology in the UK.
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TAGB British Championships November

12th September 2017

There are now divisions for everyone: JUNIORS Up to & including 14 years old. CADETS 15 years up to & including 17 years old. ADULTS 18 years & over EXECUTIVE MALE 40 years & over (Optional for all belts) (sparring only no patterns) EXECUTIVE FEMALE 35 years & over (Optional for all belts) (sparring only no patterns) INSTRUCTORS INFORMATION: All ins...
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Seminar And 2 Hour Class With Sensei Arthur Meek

3rd November 2014

Sensei Arthur Meek, 7th Dan Renshi, will be teaching the Adult class on Sunday 9th November between 10.30am-12.30pm. 10.30 start, a two hour Wado Ryu seminar and the cost is just £10. Please can all of our students come and support the event. All others welcome... As well as this, Sensei Rob Howells MBE, 6th Dan, will be teaching the Kids and Adults classes on Su...
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