London street violence a plague thats hitting the city hard

11th December 2019

London street violence a plague thats hitting the city hard

The UK is suffering from an increase in violent street crime. It has steadily increased since 2014 according to ONS.

An epidemic of violence that's just getting worse

The police-recorded figures UK on violent crime when looked at alongside information from the NHS, shows that in 2018 there had been:

  • An 8% increase in the number of offences involving knives or sharp instruments
  • A 15% rise in the number of admissions NHS to hospital in England for assault.

If the 2018 figures were bad the 2019 figures for London are worse. This year 133 have been killed in London, up from 2018.

Valiant efforts by the Police are making little impact

Despite a 160,000 Stop and Searches by the Metropolitan Police over the last 12 months using section 60, aimed by at reducing knife crime, by taking weapons off the street, violent street knife crime has seen no change at the time of writing this article.

Are you and at risk?

The simple answer is that today if you are on the streets of London or any other city in the UK you are at risk.

Kids leaving school, boyfriends trying to protect their girlfriends, party goers, drivers subject to road rage, the list is growing. Many are unprovoked random attacks.

Lives are being destroyed and families left heart broken.

How to reduce your chance of becoming a victim

The simple answer is to arm yourself with the ability to identify potential dangerous situations and the skill set to take on potential attackers and escape.

Enter Defence labs London

Defence Lab is a no-nonsense, reality-based fighting system born from the streets of the London. A new on street self-defence system that focuses on real life scenarios, that gives you the skills to deal with real life situations.

The system deals with all aspects of street violence, from verbal abuse to physical attack, from fighting on your feet, on the ground, because in a real fight you will end up in places and positions that you never expect.

Learn to fight against multiple opponents. Why? Because you are rarely attacked by just one person.

What makes Defence Lab Different

It is not an old martial art, it's a new system that focuses on the threats faced by the public on the streets of London and other cities everyday.

Learn from the Best

Defence Lab was founded by Andy Norman, a world famous developer of modern urban martial arts self-defence methodology and tactics. His fully trained, qualified, tried and tested team are professionals in the art of modern self-defence.

Andy Norman and his team worked on the fight sequences for Batman Begins, Taken movies, Mission impossible, Jack Reacher, Clash of the Titans to name a few.

Defence lab have trained actors Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise, in self defence for the fight sequences used in these movies.

Rub fists with Andy Norman, this review kind of says it all.

“I’ve been doing martial arts on and off for over 15 years, from Karate to Thai boxing to MMA. Defence Lab techniques though have been mind opening. The emphasis on multiple opponents and being able to continue to defend yourself whilst not only standing but kneeling, sitting and lying is all incredibly valuable to know should the worst occur. The “lab” is incredibly friendly, fun and caters for all ages. Highly recommended.”

Defence Lab training is suitable for anyone.

Defence lab train children through to seniors, classes are fun, full of energy, encouragement and they give lots of helpful feedback.

Supplied By: Defense Labs
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