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Martial Arts classes for Children: Keep them busy during half term

9th February 2017

Martial Arts classes for Children: Keep them busy during half term
With the February half term coming up shortly, it's important to help your children get out of the house to exercise, socialise and blow off some steam. Are you finding it a struggle to tear them away from their TV or social media accounts? Martial Arts is the answer...

Why should you enrol your children in a martial arts class?

Activity: Did you know that every child between the age of 5 and 18 should exercise for 60 minutes a day? What's worrying, is that over 75% of children don't even manage half of this..

Martial Artists are some of the fittest people on the professional sporting circuit. Martial Arts provides the unique opportunity to strengthen and tone muscles, as well as increase agility, flexibility and improve posture. In addition to this, it's a great way to instigate child weight loss whilst improving endurance and stamina.

Focus: It is tough to break a child's dependence on the internet. This dependence can often effect their concentration and the quality of their sleep. There is a lot to be gained from stepping aside from these distractions! Martial Arts gyms are free from distractions such as televisions and loud music. The focus that Martial Arts develops is applicable to school, other sports and all aspects of life.

Self Confidence: We have witnessed many students develop a new found confidence after finding a class on MANY. The opportunity to master a new skill and progress through gradings can build self esteem. Of course there is always a level of humility – there is always a bigger fish!

Conflict Resolution: Martial Arts is wrongly considered to be an aggressive sport. A good Martial Arts instructor will always teach you that words are never grounds for a fight and different ways to resolve the conflict. Many Martial Arts studios now teach anti bullying classes that are designed to make children more aware of their surroundings and teach techniques for avoiding or handling threatening situations.

Which Martial Arts Styles Are Best For Kids?

Children's Karate Class– One of the easiest to learn and most traditional forms of martial arts. Karate is an unarmed combat system that takes advantage of defensive blocking, striking and kicking. There is a large emphasis on mental attitude and respect, this is why it has proven to be popular with many parents.

Children's Taekwondo Class – The Emphasis of Taekwondo is placed on self control and self defence. It originates from Korea and is considered to be one of the most scientific Martial Arts as it is technical in its approach. Taekwondo teaches holds, strikes, blocks and grapples in order to ground your opponent.

Children's Judo Class - Judo also focuses on unarmed combat, however there is less striking and more of an emphasis on grappling and submission techniques.

How can I find a children's martial arts class?

Now is a great chance to get your child active over the half term and book them in to a local martial arts class. There are hundreds of instructors all over the UK looking for new students.

All you need to do is visit the Martial Arts Near You website and search using your location. You can then view all of the profiles of martial arts instructors in your local area, and choose the one which best suits you.

Once you have found an instructor that meets your needs you can send them a message using the contact button, or even book yourself in there and then online and reserve your spot!

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