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Martial Arts Classes for the entire family!

3rd September 2014

Martial Arts Classes for the entire family!
For many parents ensuring your kids are fit and active involves spending countless hours in the car or sat watching at the side line. As a result your own activity levels drop and you may find yourself feeling less healthy - If this sounds like you martial arts might be the answer!

Martial arts are one of the few sports which allow you and your child to participate. In fact, every member of your family can join in, so why not bring your brother, sister or mum and dad along? Many martial arts classes have seen a significant rise in whole families attending martial arts together, so why not give it a try?

In fact, more and more martial art clubs promote family memberships with special incentives to encourage families to attend. These are a great cost effective way to get you and your family active.
September is one of the busiest months for martial arts class enrolment. Here are some good reasons why parents should join a club with their children.

Keeping fit the smart way

With an increase of women taking up martial arts - particularly kick boxing, boxing and tae kwon do as a way of keeping fit and trim, now is the time to get involved with your local martial arts club, especially now the"back to school" drive is now on.

For many parents finding time to exercise is at the end of a long list of priorities. Think about your own day - how busy you are with work, sorting the children for school and then driving them to their after school activities.
If this sounds like you, why not incorporate a martial art work out with your child instead of dropping them off and returning hours later?

This would save you spending hours sat down taxiing your kids around as well as reaping the physical benefits of martial arts and giving you're a common interest. You'll get more involved with your children and have a better understanding of the sport.

The physical benefits of martial arts

For children martial arts is a fun way to learn self-discipline and self-defence. These skills will teach your child to avoid unnecessary conflict and protect themselves in a safe way should they ever need too. More importantly, it's providing your children with a safe and fun indoor hobby; ideal seeing as the nights are getting colder and darker.

Martial arts increase your coordination, strength, self confidence and flexibility; great for the overall health of both you and your family.
And of course it's a great way to bond and share experiences with your children whilst getting fit!

Why families should join a Martial Arts Club

The Educated Sports Parent website reports that parents who get involved with their children in a sport can positively impact a child's playing experience.
All of the above are great benefits of participating in sport with your children. But have you considered how your child will look up to you as a role model? By being there for your family in every aspect of their lives you are setting an example for them to aspire to, as well as engaging in a fun extracurricular activity.

Participating in a Martial Art helps mums and dads develop their role models and where children can look up to their parents, learn to respect others, develop a positive outlook and enjoy family time together in an enjoyable sport.

Martial Arts are a safe sport in the right hands

Martial arts instructors will ensure that family members are matched by according to their fitness, physical strength, height and experience. If like many parents, your concerns lie within the safety of learning self defence, going along to classes with your child is the perfect way to monitor their safety first hand. Martial Arts clubs take safety very seriously and will advise if protective gear is required.

Anyone can participate in a martial arts class

Martial arts is open to everyone from children all the way through to people in the senior years.

Family friendly Tae Kwon Do Clubs

Tae Kwon Do aims to make the student non-violent, and helps and a feeling of confidence. Its popularity is growing in the UK amongst families.

Vince Farquharson of West Midlands Tae Kwan Do has experience of teaching martial arts to families. Here is what he says about the benefits of martial arts for the family.

“Over the years of going to martial arts clubs and teaching, one thing I have become more aware of is the number of families I have seen grow and bond; including my own. We are on the third generation of tae kwon do students in my family! They thoroughly enjoy being together and being able to stay fit in a safe environment. I also have some second generations in other families who train with me.

I believe that mums and dads, daughters and sons who training together benefit from a positive sense of well-being, good health and togetherness. At the same time parents keep active as-well as children."

Families get down to your local martial art club get fit keep active!

If you live in the West Midlands area why not take a look at West Midlands Tae Kwan Do this family friendly club is a good place to start.

Finding a family friendly Martial Arts Club

The best thing you can do is use Martial Arts Near You to find a club near you and fix up a time to take the family and get a feel for the club and instructors. Ask club if you can meet some of their family members and students. Remember to check that the instructors have CRB certificates and are fully insured.