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Martial arts clubs prosper by focusing on local communities

3rd August 2018

Martial arts clubs prosper by focusing on local communities

Local Martial arts clubs are prospering based on their focus on local communities. A great example of this is the Tipson Choi Kwang Do Academy based in Dorking. The club started 15 years ago and from small beginnings has grown its membership and a loyal customer base.

Local Focus

Tipson Martial arts Academy is a family run local business with venues in Dorking and Redhill. Over the years the club has grown rapidly and is the only full time seven days a week Martial club in the Dorking area.

Tipson Martial Arts its Core strength

The club caters for all the family, its core values is that it shares a common goal for health, personal development and self defence. The clubs instructors are committed to helping all the students grow both mentally and physically as martial artists, by teaching inner strength, leadership skills, self respect and esteem for others.

Its proved to be a winning formula, with hundreds of members, students ranging from pre-school students aged 3-4 years old, children aged 5 -12 years old and family groups learning and training together.

Fitness and self defence are strong on the agenda for adults and teenagers with classes starting from 12 years upwards.

Demand grows amongst adult martial art classes in Dorking

In recent years the club has seen a strong growth in adults taking up martial arts as away of keeping fit, and learning something new rather than doing repetitive exercise in the gym. Woman are one of the drivers of this growth attending special woman only classes at first to gain confidence before moving into the mixed martial arts classes.

Community Focus

The club has put a huge effort into the community and its central location in Dorking means its very accessible with free on street parking and a centre that is devoted to Martial Arts.

Choi Kwang Do effective Martial Art

The Tipson Choi Kwang Do Academy practices and promotes Choi Kwang Do which was developed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi between 1978 and 1987 and has proved to be one of the most effective martial arts system in the world.

Choi Kwang Do is based on the modern scientific principles of human anatomy, physiology (the branch of biological sciences dealing with the functioning of organisms), psychology (the science of mental life), kinesiology (the branch of physiology that studies mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement), neurophysiology (the branch of neuroscience that studies the physiology of the nervous system) and biomechanics (human movement science).

Choi Kwang Do practiced by the academy is not designed for competition and does not follow the intensity of sports training. This means its a more accessible form of Martial Art and is meant for all, both adults and children alike, who want to learn real-life, practical self-defence skills and achieve a greater level of health and well-being. 

It's a non-contact, non-fighting, non-competitive art that stresses mental, physical, emotional and social development. and an enjoyable methods of exercise.

Meet the challenge

The clubs ability to bring something new and challenging to children and adults of all ages its the key to its success. This is proving to be the case hence the success of the academy. 

Alan Tipson owner of  Tipson Choi Kwang Do Academy said “ We are committed to bringing one of the best forms of martial arts top a wider group of people in the Dorking and Redhill area. Generations of people have learned martial arts with us, we have earned a strong reputation based on hard work, commitment and delivering an enjoyable experience to children and adults alike. Come along and learn something new, we are open 7 days a week.”

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