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Martial Arts Instructors - List your Martial Arts classes!

21st March 2014

Martial Arts Instructors - List your Martial Arts classes!
Martial Arts Near You - the UK's leading Martial Arts class finder gets a major upgrade making it THE place to promote Martial Arts classes online.

The brand new Martial Arts Near You website is perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to market their Martial Arts classes online.

Martial Arts Near You offers Martials Art clubs and instructors a simple and affordable way to maximise on the growth in mobile web traffic and grow their business.

The new Martial Arts Near You website is fully mobile friendly meaning people can now search for Martial Arts classes near them anytime, anywhere.

If you're a Martial Art club or instructor why not take advantage of the surge in people using mobile devices and list your Martial Arts classes?

Market your Martial Arts classes from a single mobile friendly dashboard

The new website allows Martial Arts instructors and clubs to manage their MANY website, marketing and social media from a single mobile friendly dashboard.

The Martial Arts Near You website helps you fill your classes. You can promote your classes, special offers, news and events whilst on the go from your smart-phone or tablet.

Active marketing and promotion

Not only do we offer you all the tools you need to market your class, we also provide a comprehensive marketing service.

Our dedicated marketing team write SEO, promotional news stories about YOUR Martial Arts business, improving your visibility and making promoting Martial Arts classes a breeze.

We also send our regular"Marketing Tips" about how to maximise your MANY website and get more enquiries.

AND we offer free support and advice.

Finding a Martial Arts class near you has never been so easy

Not only is it now easier for Martial Arts instructors to market and fill their classes, we've made it even easy for people to find Martial Arts classes near them.

We've improved, refined and accelerated the speed of searching for a local Martial Arts class, making it easier than ever for people to find the right Martial Arts class near them.

Great news for Martial Arts instructors - that means more enquiries for you!

Comprehensive system for only 39p a day

At Martial Arts Near You we're pleased to offer our customers everything they need to successfully market their Martial Arts classes for a fraction of the cost of hiring a web developer or marketing consultant.

Our transparent pricing system allows you FULL access to our ENTIRE range of services, no added extras, no hidden costs all from as little as 39p a day.

NO matter what kind of martial art you teach get your classes listed

That's right unlike other websites we offer the public access to a range of martial arts. This means that you can market your style of classes from karate, judo, boxing, taekwondo to fencing, wrestling Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and self-defence.

The MANY website gives people choice and martial Arts instructors and teachers access to over 50,000 people a month looking to learn a martial art.

Get your martial arts classes listed today.

Find out more about getting your martial art club and classes listed follow the link.