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Martial Arts Near You class finder sees visitor traffic soaring post pandemic

19th May 2022

Martial Arts Near You class finder sees visitor traffic soaring post pandemic

Martial Arts NearYou class finder sees visitor traffic soaring post pandemic.

April has seen a huge increase in people looking for Martial arts classes for their family and kids on the NearYou class finder platform. Traffic is up 173% compared to April last year.

Compared to April 2019 traffic is up over 1,068% smashing pre-pandmic visitor traffic according to Google.

Two good reasons why Martial Arts NearYou is helping people get fit and keep their training budget under control.

Martial Arts NearYou success is based connecting the public direct to MMA instructors. 

The reason may not seem obvious but the NearYou platform is unique in that it connects martial art professional instructors direct with the public. The public get direct access to the best instructors, view their schedules, offers, events, and book instantly online or via the NearYou APPS.

NearYou best value Martial Art classes just Pay As You Go 

Another reason why NearYou is proving attractive with the public is that it gives the public access to dancing classes without having to pay monthly fees or the dreaded join fee still required by many gyms and studios. No contracts no agreements just book a class and go.

More people are using NearYou to find and book MMA classes than ever before.

Inflation and energy costs are having an impact on household budgets. NearYou gives the public access to amazing dance teachers without breaking the bank.

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Source: NearYou