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Martial Arts Near You is on the move!

24th November 2015

Martial Arts Near You is on the move!
NearYou® websites can announce that following a successful 2015, we have moved to brand new offices in Devon in order to accommodate for the growing size of the marketing and development teams. Driven by innovation, NearYou® websites have been able to create a unique product that can provide ways for Martial Arts businesses to market themselves effectively online in what is a fast moving and highly competitive market.

By 2018, it is projected that the health and fitness market in the United Kingdom will be worth £4.5bn. The independent Martial Arts instructors and Martial Arts clubs account for a large chunk of that market.

We have focused our attention on this area of the market, and this has allowed NearYou® websites to create marketing tools and support for smaller businesses who otherwise might not be able to compete against larger gym chains due to not have the resources, time, budget or expertise.

Martial Arts Near You has given these businesses access to internet marketing technology and expertise to allow them to claim their fair share of the growing marketplace Martial Arts students.

With increasing amounts of Martial Arts instructors and Martial Arts studios now using the NearYou® platform to grow their business, this has proven a successful venture.

Thanks to a strong 2015, the NearYou® websites brand has seen its visitor traffic and subscriber base expand rapidly, with both of them more than doubling in the last 12 months.

The system provides Martial Arts professionals all the necessary tools to market themselves online, whilst taking away the stress that comes with it so they can focus on doing what they love, teaching Martial Arts. Whether you're marketing individual classes, or a week long Martial Arts workshop, Martial Arts Near You provides a service that can be adjusted to your teaching needs.

Through ongoing research and continual development, Martial Arts Near You have been able to create a unique product which is both cost efficient and user friendly for the hundreds of clubs and instructors subscribed to the website.

We're hiring!

As a result of the growth, there is now a further need to expand the team. We are looking for software developers and marketing professionals to work with us to take the brand to the next level. So if you're a keen programmer with a love for Martial Arts and want to be part of a fast-growing company which is a leader in its market, why not get give us a call?

Stephen Auty CEO, said “We're recruiting and we are looking for software developers and engineers to speed up our development cycle. We focus on mobile, mobile and mobile. That's the future and we are well placed to take advantage of this channel. Our new offices in Plymouth will allow us to expand and develop at a much faster pace."

We are in the ideas and implementation marketplace and we are looking for App developers who are motivated by developing ideas and seeing them implemented fast. It's fast moving and exciting, the great thing about our business is you can see what works, and what doesn't, so its a continual learning curve."

With the company growing year by year and more new NearYou® services on the way, now is a great time to join the team Beechwood. If you're interested call 0330 122 4572 or send us an email on: support@nearyouwebsites.com