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Martial Arts Near You Launches in the USA!

20th April 2017

Martial Arts Near You Launches in the USA!
After four successful years as the UK's no 1 Martial Arts class finder, Martial Arts Near You has gone Stateside and launched a new website for the USA.

Martial Arts Near You USA is a brand new way for martial arts businesses to promote their classes, events and workshops near you. The location based system allows people to find relevant classes that suit their busy schedule.

Using the successful NearYou® class finder platform developed in the UK over a 6 year period, the US version extends its reach across the United States.


The launch of MANY USA comes following the launch of sister website Pilates Near You USA in September 2016 and Yoga Class Near You USA in 2015.

The response from the Martial Arts community has been well received, with hundreds of Martial Arts classes being advertised pre-launch, ranging from Karate and Taekwondo to Krav Maga and Kickboxing, there is already plenty of choice across the USA with the website still growing by the day.

The popularity of Martial Arts is growing in the USA, just as it is in the UK. Particularly, women are getting more involved as more martial arts-fitness hybrids are being introduced. Classes such as boxercise, piloxing and kickboxing in particular are extremely popular.

Likewise, the increased media coverage and increasing commercialisation of martial arts entertainment such as brands like Ultimate Fighting Championship, means that a wider audience is being engaged and the popularity of Martial Arts is reaching an all time high.

Find a Martial Arts Class in the USA

So if you're looking for a Martial Arts class in New York, California, Florida or other various locations across the States, then you can find one on Martial Arts Near You.

Each Martial Arts club will also be included on the 'NearYou' App. The NearYou App is available for iPhone and iPad, and lets users quickly and easily find the classes they want in their local area.

It caters for varying areas of health and fitness, which includes the Martial Arts and Martial Arts based fitness classes that Clubs are offering. The App is free to download from the Apple Store.