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Martial Arts Trends for 2018

20th December 2017

Martial Arts Trends for 2018
Over the past year we have seen changing search trends on Martial Arts Near You. The big winners are now the styles that are getting TV and pay per view coverage. Practising Martial Arts is great for fitness, discipline and confidence and with it's increasing exposure in the media, we expect to see a rise in interest!

Trending Martial Arts Styles in 2018

Boxing Classes

Boxing - We have seen a dramatic rise in people searching for boxing and kick boxing classes. Coverage of big fights has driven interest in these sports. The glamour and excitement of these showbiz events certainly captures peoples imagination.

Big-Name British Boxers - Anthony Crolla – Lightweight, Carl Frampton Featherweight King, Anthony Joshua - Heavyweight, Kell Brook - Welterweight, Terry Flanagan – Lightweight to name a few, all attract press attention and inspire people to take up the sport.

Big Televised Boxing Fights, such as Chris Eubank Jr V George Groves that will take place in February 2018 at the Manchester Arena, contribute to a revival of the sport.

MMA Classes

MMA continues to grow, with more people searching for MMA classes this year. We expect this to continue in 2018. Again publicity, controversy and big personalities create a greater media presence which generates a hype for the sport.

MMA stars such as Connor McGregor, the master of the pre-fight press circus has turned his MMA fights and his recent crossover fight into money-spinning encounters. He is believed to have pocketed a whopping £58.2m from the mega-bout against Mayweather earlier this year.

You may not be the biggest fan of him or his style, but one thing is for sure - he generates a ton of publicity! This helps to attract students looking for something new and exciting.

Clubs and gyms are developing vibrant programs like MMA Fitness to capitalize on student enthusiasm.

Kick Boxing Classes

Kick Boxing may not get the most publicity, but it is closely associated with Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA. It is the third highest search ranking on Martial Arts Near You and is developing and changing as clubs look to attract adults looking for more of a fitness work out rather than a pure Martial Art.

With energising music coupled with a vigorous routine, it's proving popular with women in particular, who are looking to tone up, lose weight and improve their strength. Choreographed kick-boxing is gaining popularity as a way of attracting new students put off by traditional disciplines of Martial Art.

We expect Kick Boxing classes to grow even faster in 2018!

Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi has made a strong appearance in 2017. This Chinese Martial Art style is finding favour with seniors. It is more exercise than Martial Art. Its slow, repetitive movements are ideal for older age groups.

It does not generate much publicity, but there's a strong and growing demand for Tai Chi classes.

Taekwondo Classes

Taekwondo is a traditional Martial Art that is very popular across the UK. It's top of the search for more traditional forms of martial arts.

Clubs tend to primarily focus on children and their parents. Many have been successful at developing their students in to becoming instructors themselves. Successful Taekwondo clubs focus on local communities, building strong ties with local schools and families.

It is popular choice for parents looking for Martial Arts or Self Defence classes for children.

Jade Jones, the British Olympic Gold Medal Taekwondo Champion launched the Martial Arts movie “The Lego Ninjago Movie” across the UK. It proved to be a great boost for Taekwondo clubs. The launch and publicity all worked well to increase the search demand for Taekwondo classes.

Self-Defence Classes

Understandably, the demand for self defence classes has grown throughout the year. Widely reported street violence, especially in big cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham is the driver of this growth. It's bad. Inner city areas such as Islington have seen big increases in random street attacks by gangs with children as young as 11 years of age taking part.

As the population wake up to this growing threat in the New Year, we will see a big jump in people looking for Self-Defence classes.

Karate Classes

A steady performer in 2017 is Karate. This martial art is seeing growth - in particular Kenshukai Karate. With clubs based in the London region, this karate organisation has been trending upward in 2017.

New Entrants 2018

We will see new hybrid forms of Martial Arts entering the ring in 2018. A growing number of clubs are introducing cage fighting and cage fitness. This involves using a heavy bag with a routine of upper body and lower body workouts that cater to various fitness and strength levels.

With workouts lasting only 30 minutes, it's ideal for time precious people looking for a martial arts workout without the combat element.

Trends in Martial Arts Clubs 2018

The majority of Martial Arts clubs currently focus on kids and their parents. This is changing, with owners and committees looking to attract a wider audience. Competition from big box gyms are nibbling away with ersatz forms of martial art style training.

The great news is that Martial Arts clubs are waking up and offering a range of classes to attract a wider audience. The more successful Martial Arts clubs are expanding rapidly based on reputation, innovation and importantly by improving their marketing.

The Future

We launched Martial Arts Near You to open up a pretty moribund industry that was ruled by tradition and a reluctance to change. Martial Arts Near You has opened up the market and given cistomers more choice on styles. As such, we have attracted high quality, popular Martial Arts clubs.

So you know that when you book a class with us, you're getting good quality, highly qualified instructors.

The televised fights and The Lego Ninjago Movie were brilliant for the publicity of Martial Arts in 2017. Now sign up to a Martial Arts club and experience the drama, excitement, and physicality for yourself.

With Martial Arts Near You you can find some great classes and workshops Near You.