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The latest motivational blogs on Martial Arts, classes, styles of martial arts, benefits of joining a martial arts class, where beginners should start and practical tips on martial arts. All the blogs are written by practicing martial arts instructors and martial art clubs, if you get inspired why not join one of their martial arts classes? Keep in touch join our martial art free monthly newsletter.

How to achieve your fitness goals in 2017!

6th January 2017

You may be trying to get fit in 2017, but that doesn't mean you need to get locked into a Gym membership. The NearYou iPhone App provides plenty of great alternatives.

How can I find a Martial Arts class?

21st December 2016

Why not try a Martial Arts class to keep fit in 2017? We've got thousands to choose from and now you can find them quickly and easily through our brand new iPhone App.

New Year, New You? Why you should try Martial Arts in 2017!

8th December 2016

Looking for a more exciting way to stay fit in 2017? Then look no further! Here's why you need to learn a martial art!

Mixed Martial Arts - It's a little bit of everything!

22nd November 2016

Mixed Martial Arts has risen in popularity across the globe thanks to the popularity of UFC. It's propulsion into the mainstream mean it's now widely available to learn at local martial arts clubs across the UK.

Affordable Marketing Ideas for your Martial Arts School – Search Engine Positioning

11th November 2016

Good search engine positioning on local martial arts searches is key!

Affordable Marketing Ideas for your Martial Arts School – Location

28th October 2016

Our top tips geared towards reaching your local martial arts audience

Why you should make self defence classes your winter hobby

20th October 2016

With darker nights comes more danger and staying safe on the streets is more important than ever. Learning a martial art can help you deal with dangerous situations.

Only 14% of young people are taking part in organised sport

6th October 2016

Not enough kids are getting their regular requirement of exercise and studies show it's because they feel their isn't enough choice. Maybe they should consider Martial Arts.

7 Top Tips to Help You Stick To Your Martial Arts Fitness Plan

27th September 2016

Martial Arts is a great way to work out and improve your health. Here are a few tricks that will help you stick to your plan and achieve your goals!

Learn anger management through a Martial Arts class

14th September 2016

Do you find that sometimes you just can't control your emotions? That you feel inexplicably enraged and can't calm yourself down? Anger problems effect 1 in 10 people, but they're easier than you think to deal with. Here's how Martial Arts can help...
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