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View FREE martial arts teacher and online martial arts videos on Martial Arts Near You TV. Watch martial arts videos created by professional martial arts instructors and martial arts club teachers in the UK.

Learn about beginners martial classes, intermediate, and advanced martial arts, martial arts teachers. Watch video demonstrating fighting techniques, self defence techniques, martial arts types and styles.

If you like what you see... take a look at their martial arts class instructor teacher profile pages full of information on classes, martial arts news and events.

East London Fighting Arts School

Martial Arts School
Martial Arts School. Kick Boxing Thai Boxing Boxing Wing Chun Kung Fu Grappling Self Defence Health And Fitness.

Pure Art Bjj Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Martial Arts

Takedown Defense against a wild right hook.
An easy to use and highly effective takedown utilised as a self defence technique against a wild right hook (typical street attack) As shown by Instructor Adam Sparrow

Shogun Martial Arts Studio

Jiu Jitsu class
Toby and Sam practising some throws.

Tokueikan Aiki-Jujutsu London

Kishinjuku Jujutsu main four principles
Tokueikan Aiki-Jujutsu London is the only certified Dojo in the of Kishinjuku Jujutsu from Japan. Kishinjuku's main four principles are demonstrated in the video by Shuhan Makoto Kojima.

The Gauntlet Fight Academy

Brahim "Samy" Frahat vs Edgar Morar
Coach Brahim "Samy" Frahat representing Team Tieu.

Reflect Ckd

Reflect CKD
Reflect CKD
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