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View FREE martial arts teacher and online martial arts videos on Martial Arts Near You TV. Watch martial arts videos created by professional martial arts instructors and martial arts club teachers in the UK.

Learn about beginners martial classes, intermediate, and advanced martial arts, martial arts teachers. Watch video demonstrating fighting techniques, self defence techniques, martial arts types and styles.

If you like what you see... take a look at their martial arts class instructor teacher profile pages full of information on classes, martial arts news and events.

Senjokai Karate Academy

Senjokai Karate Academy 2017
Classes for all ages,

Krav Maga Central

Krav Maga Central Kids Grading 2015
Children's Krav Maga, referred to as"Krav4kids" has been developed by IKMF as part of the Krav Maga self-defence solutions created for the various civilian sectors. Kid's self-defence enables children, in a relative short period, to learn self-defence techniques carefully adapted to match their respective age, physical and mental abilities.


Chase Bridge, Twickenham Demonstration
A demonstration of skills by different age groups from LondonCombatMMA Academy: *Punching/Kicking *Takedowns/Grappling *Self Defence *Weapon Skills *Falling *Gymnastics

Arnold School Of Tae Kwon Do

2 Step sparring
Student practice the early stage of sparring without an opponent before doing full sparring

Defence Lab

Defence Lab street applications
Street Application

Professor Marcus Cabe├ža - Escola De Capoeira

martial Arts Competition
Professor Marcus Cabeca's student "Mascote" with 3 years experience coming home with gold after the competition.
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