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View FREE martial arts teacher and online martial arts videos on Martial Arts Near You TV. Watch martial arts videos created by professional martial arts instructors and martial arts club teachers in the UK.

Learn about beginners martial classes, intermediate, and advanced martial arts, martial arts teachers. Watch video demonstrating fighting techniques, self defence techniques, martial arts types and styles.

If you like what you see... take a look at their martial arts class instructor teacher profile pages full of information on classes, martial arts news and events.


How to stay fit and healthy with the Super Easy NearYou iPhone App
Liz found NearYou iPhone APP ... the SUPER EASY way to keep fit and healthy around her super busy lifestyle. If your as super busy as liz you need this app to FEELGOOD . Helps you find classes Near You with thousands of classes to choose from.



Yeo Dojo

Simon Yeo Red Bull Ad for the Urban Football Finals Tokyo 2013
This was the content between the acts at the Urban Football Finals

Sang Moo Tgms Martial Arts Academy

How to setting up for take-down to submission - Sang Moo TGMS
The life is getting busy and too much pressure to us therefore, any activity or martial arts training can drop down your stress. Please see this video. I wish it will gives a good motivation for you to learning martial arts. Instruction; How to setting up for take-down to submission with various hands grab positions. A take-down is a technique that involves off-balancing an opponent and bringing opponent to the ground, typically with the attacker landing on top. The concept of Quick Submissions is knowing how to most effectively submit your opponent as quickly as possible by controlling your opponent from stand-up to finish. Master Tae demonstrates and teaches in its most detailed instruction on how to effectively Take-down your opponent and submit by properly setting up your opponent from stand-up to submission.

The Martial Art For Life

Practising Choi Kwang-Do Patterns
Martial arts instructor Jason Wright practising a variety of Choi Kwang-Do patterns. Choi Kwang-Do patterns consist of a co ordinated sequence of blocking, weaving, punching, striking and kicking techniques. This video hopefully shows how fluidly those techniques appear when put together in combinations. For further information on patterns watch the video 'Choi Kwang Do Yellow Belt Senior Pattern Explained' at our YouTube channel.

Pro Taekwon-Do

Black Belt Taekwondo Grading 2013 - 1st Dan, 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan Promotion
UKTA IFT Taekwondo Black Belt Grading! September 2013 in Cardiff Wales, UK! Thames Valley Taekwon-Do #TVTKD
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