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View FREE martial arts teacher and online martial arts videos on Martial Arts Near You TV. Watch martial arts videos created by professional martial arts instructors and martial arts club teachers in the UK.

Learn about beginners martial classes, intermediate, and advanced martial arts, martial arts teachers. Watch video demonstrating fighting techniques, self defence techniques, martial arts types and styles.

If you like what you see... take a look at their martial arts class instructor teacher profile pages full of information on classes, martial arts news and events.

K.m.m.a. Freestyle Martial Arts Group

Childrens Krav Maga Anti Abduction classes
Children anti abduction defence classes. Teaching your children what to do should the inconceivable BEING SNATCHED BY A PREDATOR !!! Escapology , vulnerable attack points. Defending against strikes from an attacker. Environmental Common What your child can do and achieve from these classes is vital for todays Prevention rather than give them that !!!

Senjokai Karate Academy

Hyper Fight Club
Hyper Fight Club and ant Bully Defense

Senjokai Karate Academy

Introductions Hyper Fight Club!
Join the Hyper Fight Club!

Defence Lab Training

Fighting style for Jack Reacher
Behind the scenes of Jack Reacher

Sef Karate

Karate Classes
Karate Classes for children at the Sef Karate Club.

Kings Dojang Martial Arts Academy

King's Dojang
A training session at the King's Dojang Martial Arts Academy.
Latest Martial Arts Offers & News