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New Video Promotes Martial Arts Near You

11th March 2019

New Video Promotes Martial Arts Near You

NearYou launches new video campaign promoting the all new iPhone App and website. The campaign promotes martial arts and fitness activities making it a must have app for people who just want to keep fit and healthy.

The video takes real people, trying out real activities nearby under instruction from our rated teachers. That's right real people looking to get fit and stay fit.

Its one of a series highlighting everything from Martial arts, kick boxing, MMA,Karate, everything from beginners to to expert. Its all there NearYou. Take a look at the NearYou video here.

Now you can find even more activities than ever, lots of choice and great prices. Check out an even great range of Martial arts and fitness activities.

Don't wait download the App here

An android app is coming soon, stay tuned for updates.

Source: NearYou