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New wave Martial Arts are trending

14th September 2018

New wave Martial Arts are trending

Martial arts clubs are looking at new ways to attract students. By offering even more choice, and getting creative, its proving great for students who are looking to learn Martial Arts.

Here we look at emerging martial arts trends based on public searches on Martial Arts Near You, the leading Martial arts class and club finder for 2018.


Its a huge market, with literally thousands of students practicing these types of Martial Arts everyday across the UK. So what's the new wave, and how is the market changing... Whats the newest trends?

#1 Tai Chi classes

Surprisingly, Tai Chi is the number one search on Martial arts Arts Near You - outstripping all other traditional martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kung fu and Judo. The searches don't lie... Tai Chi is rising in popularity and anecdotal evidence suggests it's attracting more mature students and seniors who are looking for a more than just a method of self-defence, it is conducive to a healthy life.

One trend to emerge is Martial Arts Clubs offering combined Tai Chi and Yoga classes. We expect this to grow as an activity as the Uk population ages.

#2 Self Defense and Female martial arts classes