Why should kids join a Martial Arts club?

6th September 2017

Why should kids join a Martial Arts club?
Children are back to school.After a day of sitting in class it is crucial that they get the opportunity to exercise, socialise and let off steam. Why not sign them up to a Martial Arts club.

Why should I kids in a Martial Arts club?

Public Health England guidelines say that children aged 5-18 should take part in physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day. A recent study showed that over 75% of children fail to exercise for half of this suggested time. At Martial Arts Near You we understand the value of getting children exercising and that it can be tough to separate your child from their play station or computer. That's why there are thousands of clubs offering engaging, social and fun martial arts classes for kids.

Activity: Martial Artists are some of the fittest people in the professional sport circuit. Martial Arts provides your child with the opportunity to tone and strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and agility and have a better posture. It is a great way to burn calories and instigate child weight loss as well as improving stamina and endurance.

Focus: One of the many challenges facing parents today is how to break a child's dependence on the internet and upon other technologies. Martial Arts clubs are free from iPhones and other distractions such as loud music and televisions. This helps children focus, learn patience a valuable life skill.

Self Confidence and Self Respect: We have witnessed many students develop and build confidence through Martial Arts Near You. Having the opportunity to learn a unique skill and progress through gradings can build a tremendous amount of confidence. Of course, this doesn't come without a little reminder of humility, these is always a bigger fish!

Conflict Resolution: A good instructor will teach your child that words are never grounds to use Martial Arts skills in a physical alteration, but to resolve the conflict. Your child will learn to respond without reacting in the form of physical aggression. Many martial arts clubs teach anti bullying classes that are designed to make children more aware of their surroundings and techniques for avoiding or dealing with difficult situations.

Fun and Social: The most important part of a Martial Arts class is the social aspect. It will allow your child to interact with a greater number of like-minded children and develop their social skills. In an enjoyable environment they will be begging you to complete their hours exercise and you will be safe in the knowledge that you are contributing to a brighter and healthier future.

Which Martial Arts style is best for children?

There are a wide range of Martial Arts styles suitable for all ages and abilities. Here a few suggestions of what your child might like to try:

Children's Karate Class– One of the most traditional forms of martial arts, and one of the easiest to learn. Karate is an unarmed combat system that takes advantage of defensive blocking, striking and kicking. There is a large emphasis on respect and mental attitude that has proven it to be popular with many parents.

Children's Taekwondo Class – Emphasis is placed on self-defence and self control. It originated in Korea and is considered to be one of the most scientific Martial Arts as it is technical in its approach. Taekwondo teaches strikes, holds, grapples and blocks in order to ground an opponent.

Children's Judo Class - Judo also focuses on unarmed combat, however there is less striking and more of an emphasis on grappling and submission techniques.

Children's Ju-Jitsu Class– Ju-Jitsu was originally created as a battlefield martial art by the Samurai's. It focuses on teaching a variety of strikes and grapples to disarm your opponent. It is more aggressive than other martial arts due to its focus on exploiting weak spots on the opponent.

How do I find a Martial Arts Class?

Now is the perfect time to introduce your child to a Martial Arts Class, many instructors will be starting new courses at the start of the academic year. On Martial Arts Near You there are hundreds of Martial Arts Clubs and Instructors all over the UK looking for students.

There are classes suitable for children of all ages and abilities. When you find a class simply contact the instructor and don't be scared to raise questions.
Source: Martial Arts Near You