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What is Ninjitsu?

Ninjitsu, also known as Ninjutsu, is a martial art that developed from ninja shadow warriors in feudal Japan. Ninjutsu classes today put emphasis on combat, ancient ninja warriors originally used a range of techniques to gather information, used stealth techniques such as avoidance, and misdirection, as well as arson and sabotage. Their job was to operate behind enemy lines.

Today Ninjitsu is a unique method of moving and thinking allowing students to create a never ending supply of effective counters to any given defence situation, including multiple attacks, and is unique to Ninjitsu.

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Why should you attend a Ninjitsu class?

Ninjitsu classes offer a complete fighting system which covers, locks, throws, ground fighting. Ninja training is a comprehensive martial art. With Ninja you will learn the secret of balance, how to take an opponent down, how to disrupt an attacker’s power as well as joint locks and throws. Plus the secrets of ninja.

Ninjitsu classes also teach the use of a range of weapons, including swords, staffs, throwing stars, and chains.

Ninjitsu classes also aim to help students deal with the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of self-development.

Who should join Ninjitsu classes?

Ninjitsu classes are open to everyone - male and female and all age groups. You can check on this website for Ninjitsu classes for different age groups.

Students should be in good health, regular attendance to a class will improve fitness. You should consult your doctor before attending any classes if you have health issues. Some clubs may require proof of good health for insurance purposes.

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How do I choose an Ninjitsu class, teacher or instructor?

There is currently no centralised method of training each Ninjitsu club may offer different approaches to classes so its best to call or email the club pop along to a class and see which suits you best.

Find a local Ninjitsu classes in London and other major UK cities use the martial art search directory on this page.

Remember to check insurance and DBS certificate if your children are intending to join a class.

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