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Only 14% of young people are taking part in organised sport

6th October 2016

Only 14% of young people are taking part in organised sport
A new report has revealed that kids between the ages of 14-16 aren't doing enough physical activity. Youth charity “OnSide” carried out research into the behaviour and leisure habits of teenagers.

The findings revealed a concerning trend; that too many teenagers are spending their free time locked away in a bedroom in front of a screen.

    • 66% of young people aged 14-16 spent the majority of their leisure time in their bedroom.
    • 57% of boys spend the majority of their time gaming.
    • 54% of girls spend the majority of their time socialising... online.
    • Only a small proportion spent the majority of their leisure time doing exercise. 8.5% informally, 14% as part of an organised club or sports team.

  • These statistics are quite staggering when you consider all the options available. There are sports teams and clubs available all over the country.

    However despite this, 82% of children said their local area offers very little for them to do outside of school hours. A further 71% said that of what was available, the expense was preventing them taking part.

    How a Martial Arts class could be the answer

    Martial Arts classes are a great solution to all of these problems. Martial Arts clubs are always looking for new members and by taking part, not only do you gain a hobby, but valuable life skills.

    Joining a local Martial Arts club more often than not entails a free trial class, or even month! This is a great way to get free entry to an exciting new hobby. Past that, classes are often inexpensive. Many only cost £6 or £7 for an hour's session.

    Being able to attend with friends makes it a fun experience, especially once you've mastered the basics and you have the opportunity to flip your mate onto the mats – in a completely safe way, of course.

    Classes also provide the opportunity to get some much needed physical activity. They will increase fitness and make the body stronger during a time where it is already maturing naturally.

    It's not just for boy's either. All Martial Arts clubs take on female members. It's a great way for young women to learn self-defence. Teenage girls are one of the most vulnerable groups to attacks on the street and knowing self-defence can go a long way to helping them sense danger and look after themselves.

    As well as this, it teaches the art of control and discipline. At a young age, peer pressure and bullying are rife. In a situation where your back is against the wall, it is critical to know how to handle yourself. Yet it is also important to know when to control yourself. Knowing a martial art doesn't mean you can just start kicking people at any given moment. Conflict resolution is an important skill.

    There are a whole variety of Martial Arts styles that are popular with young people. Taekwondo classes and Karate clubs are stereotypically the most popular, but the likes of Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Judo and Krav Maga are quickly gaining ground. Especially in recent years. All of them have a number of benefits, but Krav Maga and Jiu-Jitsu are particularly effective for self-defence.

    Find a martial arts class near you

    With Martial Arts Instructors located all around the UK, finding a local Martial Arts club is easier than ever. On Martial Arts Near You, there are thousands of classes available around the country.

    To find one, visit the homepage and search using your postcode to find the nearest clubs. You can then buy a class online, or leave an enquiry about the class with the instructor.
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