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Reduce Your Stress Levels with a Martial Arts Class

4th May 2017

Reduce Your Stress Levels with a Martial Arts Class
Stress is an issue that plagues many of us. Nobody likes feeling stressed, but with lots of social pressure, as well as expectations in relationships and work, it is easy to see how a person could become a bit overwhelmed.

In fact, many of us do. In 2015, over 17 MILLION working days were lost in the UK to stress-related illnesses. That comes at a cost of more than £2.4billion to the economy. These figures are rising year on year.

It's critical to find a way to deal with manage stress and in some cases, release it altogether. Martial Arts presents a chance for you to tackle stress head on.

How can Martial Arts Classes help stress?

1) Focus & Discipline

We've all been there. You're working hard and something just isn't going right for you. You can feel yourself losing patience, but what do you next? In some cases, people shout and swear, others might have a physical response, others may walk away to cool off. However, wouldn't it be much easier if you could control that anger?

Martial Arts teaches vital skills that help you stay in control of your emotions. By controlling your thoughts and being able to take a deep breath and calm your mind, it is much easier to prevent an outburst. Having a calm mind is one of the easiest ways to prevent stress.

2) Overcoming Anxiety or Fear

Many people struggle with stress as a result of anxiety. Worrying about what might happen or what other people think can cause crippling confidence issues and these can be stressful to deal with. Martial Arts is a way to overcome this. It will train you to face your fears head on. It'll remove the uncertainty in your mind and teach you how to anticipate and react to situations. The lesson learnt in self defence can be applied to many real life situations.

3) A Good Workout

A good Martial Arts training session can really get the blood pumping. That means endorphins are released and you're left feeling energised and positive after a session. There's also just something incredible satisfying about taking your stress out on a punchbag. Kickboxing and boxing classes for stress relief are particularly effective.

4) Conflict Resolution

Many people who feel stressed have a tendency to lash out. Sometimes this can be at themselves or inanimate object. But sometimes this can be towards another person, either verbally or physically. Martial Arts classes will teach you how to control this aggression. By pitting you against an opponent who are looking to fight with you, it'll help you use your better judgement to avoid the conflict. This is a highly transferable skill.

5) Different methods for different people

Martial Arts classes for stress doesn't mean you have to kick and punch people to feel better. Whilst styles such as boxing, kickboxing and muay thai can do the trick, at the other end of the spectrum there is also the likes of Tai Chi. A Tai Chi class is almost a cross between Martial Arts & Yoga, it requires no contact and is a great way of remaining calm. It is especially beneficial for older people, but is suitable for everyone.

Find a Martial Arts Class Near You

If you're struggling for stress and looking for a way to manage it, then there are Martial Arts classes available across the UK, ranging from Tai Chi to Kickboxing!

It's easy to find one, simply download the 'NearYou' iPhone App and enter your postcode to see what is available in your area.

Once you've found the class that suits you, simply contact the instructor or book yourself a place.
Source: https://www.martialartsnearyou.co.uk