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Relax with Tai Chi Classes in Newbridge by LFIAA

16th January 2014

Relax with Tai Chi Classes in Newbridge by LFIAA
Combine deep breathing, and relaxation, with slow, and gentle movements at LFIAA's beginners tai chi classes in Newbridge, Caerphilly.

LFIAA is a martial arts club based in Newbridge, Caerphilly. Their beginners tai chi classes are led by experienced instructor Seane Keane, and are suitable for all ages.

Tai chi classes with LFIAA can help improve your posture, balance, muscle strength, and reduce strength.

Why not try a beginners tai chi class in Newbridge with Seane Keane of LFIAA and see how you can benefit?

As well as li style tai chi classes, and feng shou style tai chi classes in Newbridge, LFIAA also run Chinese wrestling classes, and feng shou king fu classes from their Caerphilly martial arts studio. All LFIAA martial arts classes are run by highly experienced, and qualified martial arts instructors.

For more information about tai chi classes in Newbridge by Seane Keane follow the link below.