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This was my first mma class , I loved it being the only girl in the class was a bit overwhelming but everyone there was so welcoming and nice .I learnt a lot of techniques in Muay Thai I’m definitely will be booking another session next week !! Great class

Magdalena Wieczorek

Fantastic price and I really love the 4 sesions group. Easier to manage finances this way Love the reminders

James Wexler

Worth every penny and my son is improving every day Carl from kmma is amazing with my son, highly recommended

Angela Carroll

Feel this is a great offer. My children have been attending this class for 2 months. They thoroughly enjoy the class. The instructors are really good at explaining and helping the children. Would highly recommend

Lyubomir Georgiev

happy from venue, sensei and the lessons. very happy from karate lesson, my son was extremely satisfied and venue met expectations.

Trusted Customer

Fantastic price offer. Is easier to pay for 4 classes as a pack then term as most of others. Class is well worthet money My doughter love the class and really looking forward to it. Mix of games, excersises design to preper the children for defence n a real life. The confidence is growing while learning essencial life skills. Would recomend to any child from 5 up as a basic knowlege like swimming. Plus this specific place feel like home/comunity base. Is well worthet money.

Debbie Hughes

Very good value as you can’t really put a price on your child’s safety Friendly atmosphere. Warm and welcoming. Educational. True life events and the way in which they should be approached. My son can’t wait to go again

Michelle Bouriaux

Excellent, I recommend Kenshukai karate classes. Excellent classes. I recommend Kenshukai karate classes

Amanda Beddow

Fun energetic sessions, focused on kids having fun whilst learning Highly recommend, trainers are lovely have a fantastic rapour with the kids, all sessions are fun my 7year old looks forward to his session every week.

Trusted Customer

More expensive by just a margin but well worth it!! Easy to book and well worth investment Fantastic instructors, brilliant child friendly lessons. Daughter looks forward to the classes every week. Dont delay just book.

Trusted Customer

Superb teachers great class. If you attend consistently you will change as a person for the better. Awesome class! Really welcoming lads and a tough lady!. Learnt a lot just from 1 class. Will definitely recommend. Proper old school place. It’s not pleasing on the eyes or pleasant on the senses BUT you’re there to LEARN to protect yourself and others from this big bad world. It will be worth every penny.

Trusted Customer

Excellent staff very welcoming and excellent tuition on with a struggling child who suffers from bullying. Will be definitely visiting again soon. Nicholas loved it and can't wait for our next visit.

Trusted Customer

Worth every penny to see the children learn and enjoy themselves. My children (daughter aged 7 and son aged 10) absolutely love attending their class on a Friday at KMMA. They look forward to it all week. They are learning new skills all whilst having fun at the same time.

Bev Irving

Great class, suitable for all abilities. Recommend attending this class. Great training session for all levels of ability with friendly people.

Stefan Dzhugalanov

Perfect experience and good surroundings Perfect Workout

Ben Jones

Really enjoyed my training and 121 session. Would recommend Surrey Karate & Personal Training to everyone and cant wait for my next lesson! Excellent service

Trusted Customer

Excellent class in spacious, very clean and safe dojo Excellent service

J M Howard

Great price. Value for money Fantastic atmosphere, very professional great with the young ones. Everyone gets one on one. My boys love it


Easy and straight forward This is one of the very few clubs that manages to teach children and adults both effectively. Whilst instilling the importance of discipline and tradition, the instructors ensure that real life situations are combined and that the classes cover everything that is needed to advance through belts and to elevate fitness and self defence.

Kevin (alex's Dad)

Easy to follow and buy at a fair price. The class is very well put together and engaging for the kids. My lad who is 5 years old was reluctant the first time but since then he can not wait to go. He listens better and is getter fitter and is visibly enjoying the lessons more. The instructions are easy to follow for the kids because Karl puts it in a manner they can relate and shows demonstrations which they can follow. Just booked 4 more classes which my son was very happy with.

Jane Gower

Excellent session and really rated it highly. Great instructor, friendly students and everyone working hard, so a high standard. Seen many martial arts clubs in my tine and these are very good anf highly recommended. Excellent service

Trusted Customer

Excellent karate class - good balance of fitness and skills development. Great fun and suitable for all ages. Always learning something new!

Michelle Bouriaux

great class in spacious hall, a very warm welcome back after lockdown and all the right precautions taken. quick and easy booking

Azai Beresford Grossman

I enjoy these classes I enjoy them a lot great for burning lots of energy Azai (7 years) I love learning defence and lots of different martial art moves my favourite part is the games before we finish and when we do boxing.

Bev Irving

Excellent class, really enjoyable. Excellent class, tailored to take account of the long time away.

Trusted Customer

What can I say! My son loves it and so do I. Instructors are super friendly and experienced Every session there is something different and challenging to learn and get better at. Lessons deliver in a fun and enjoyable way I will recommend this service, it’s fantastic to book my son’s lessons. You can choose the dates with ease, sends you reminders of upcoming sessions and prompts you to book your next block when you have attended your last lesson. Fast and easy to payments

Kearan Sullivan

Easy to book and fantastic email reminders, never miss a class ? Booked in my 3 kids for a session, they absolutely loved it! My son was very very nervous but finished trying teach the other kids.

Paul Portwood

Great service and very friendly teachers Great friendly service,very patient with my son as this was his first lesson,have already booked four more lesson as he loved it,thankyou??

Trusted Customer

Great experience in a fun way,what is most important for young kids Great atmosphere, in the beginning my boy was scared,but as soon as we arrived he felt relaxed and looked after

Trusted Customer

A brilliant class for all abilities. A great balance of technical and physical training. Attention to detail and to individual needs. I always learn something new! The straightforward online booking system makes scheduling classes easy.

Trusted Customer

Class was excellent and really enjoyable. Site easy to use and book.

Trusted Customer

Nice package class of 4 to purchase. Excellent for kids to get self confidence.

Trusted Customer

Excellent class learnt a lot and also had fun!! Instructors were excellent Enjoyed the class

Michelle Bouriaux

great class I have nothing else to say Very good service, brilliant class

Paul Ogden

Definitely worth the price. My 13 year old son has been attending classes. At kmma for a few weeks now. I can tell the difference in his confidence already Its a great place to learn krav maga self defence. Great friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend

Eliza Pacholczyk

Good service. Thank you. This place provides you with a great and relaxing atmosphere. David makes you work hard, in order for you to get better and better and this is the best part. It's a great feeling. Thanks.

Trusted Customer

Great sessions my son always enjoys in a safe environment. Excellent service

Jurate Iesalniece

Highly recommended family club Brilliant club

Trusted Customer

It easy and quick i just wish it would rember my card details like other sites I like the wayi can pay in advance for classes but i have trouble finding the club and class once logged in. Also i find my puchese history really confusing as its not in cronological order.

Marco Ippoliti

very satisfied with online booking service My 7 year old son absolutely loves Kenshukai Karate classes and will definitely book him in on a regular basis. He has done martial arts since he was 3 years old and it has helped him grow in confidence and display good manners. Highly recommended as a personal life skill and method to maintain fitness including knowledge of self-defence. As for the App, It's Easy to locate class choice and select desired venue, date and time. Quick and simple booking and payment process

Lisa Haynes

Kenshukai Karate do is karate teaching at its best. All abilities and ages are welcomed. Shihan Aaron Harris is particularly good with the children in the class, patient, encouraging but quietly authoritative. An excellent role model for them. Easy to Select classes, book and pay, I like the reminders too!

Raymond Hipwell

Good friendly class, excellent tuition Good instruction

Trusted Customer

Great class, great instructor. Will go again. Social distancing is being maintained and one way system worked perfectly. Easy booking and a great class.

Trusted Customer

Really well planned class, both from a Karate perspective and against the current COVID-19 requirements that have to be in place. Very friend place. Easy to use, really straight forward, would recommend.

Lisa Haynes

Easy transaction, booking through the direct link sent to me by class organiser. I accessed my required class through a direct link, however I found it tricky to find again searching via the main site. Also couldn’t see how to add my preferred class To my Favourites.

Jurate Iesalniece

Brilliant club, highly recommended Excellent club


Good deal to book 4 sessions, to get committed. My 8 year old girl loved the first ever session in kickboxing. Highly ranked professional trainers, which are very experienced working with kids. Kids enjoy the sessions. We are trying now to attend regularly. Once covid-19 lockdown is lifted we can get back to action. ;-)

Trusted Customer

The class I booked was no longer running which was incredibly disappointing for my son. I have now been offered another class (thanks to the NearYou team) but these classes are not so close to where we live. Having now been to the Haselmere class it was really good and I can highly recommend the class. The class that I booked was not actually running. I turned up and no-one was there. The details on the internet really need to be up to date - especially if you allow payments to be made. When I eventually got a refund it wasn’t even the full amount as I assume a fee was charged. ?

Trusted Customer

Best place ever to train you learn so much Excellent loved it

Trusted Customer

Easy to book Experienced and friendly instructors. My son loves the sessions and looks forward to the next lesson. In 4 weeks he has made great improvement.

Trusted Customer

Great mix of all different activities in the class, which was such good fun with the music and lights, but also teaching them great self defence techniques. Very welcoming, my 8 year old son loved it and can’t wait to come back.

Francesca Horan

Brilliant service My son who's 6 really enjoyed his 1st session and cant wait to go back again

Kelly Morris

The instructors rapport with the kids is amazing, made my son feel very welcome. Great class with great teachers! Easy online experience!

Steve Mccormick

Fantastic instructors who are great with both adult and children! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Easy to use and make booking a class eay

Trusted Customer

Fantastic can’t wait to go again Excellent martial arts centre Good family atmosphere Caters for everyone no matter the age size or ability

Claire Roberts

??? Fantastic really enjoyed it and so friendly staff

Sophia Walsh

Great value for money will go again Absolutely love it! Really enjoyable session. Really nice people, instructors and other pupils. Love learning how to do things and how I can look after myself should the need ever arise.

Vicky Lane

Good value for money best to book in blocks of 4 weeks My daughter loves it she is learning some fantastic life skills and building on confidence each week. Very friendly welcoming staff too.

Sophia Walsh

I love it! Very clear to follow, very enjoyable sessions and looking forward to going for gradings. Absolutely fantastic! The instructors are very clear and make things very easy to follow. It is a great environment and I am enjoying the sessions so much that I now enrol for Krav Maga and Kick Boxing. Thank you.

Trusted Customer

Great and definitely worth my money. After my first lesson I am planning on attending more with my younger sister. I am 17 years old and I went with my younger sister and had a great lesson. It was a great workout and what I had hoped for. I recommend this for people who are very interested in trying out kickboxing as it is quite intense but fun. I feel like this is a great way to get back into shape after not exercising in a long time.

Trusted Customer

Good for try out.but dont let you children convince you into booking classes other than the 10 pack. When my son of additional needs was accused of something by a girl, the teacher didn't believe him or me. Outraged. Also my refund took months of chasing. Rude teacher/instructor.

Trusted Customer

Excellent. Very good service. Excellent.

Karen Slattery

Kick boxing joy. Very professional my son loved it, the instructor was really helpful and made it very enjoyable for Harry.

Dixita Pandya

Class was really easy to book. David is a really good teacher and the atmosphere and energy was really positive!

Trusted Customer

Was very enjoyable!

Barry Vickery

Great session. Very engaging and knowledgeable instructors.

Michael Butler

MCMA is very welcoming, the instructor is very encouraging and excellent at explaining what is required, training was fun and in a nice atmosphere.

Trusted Customer

Great space, fun vibes, fab workout. Great evening class with fab staff and lovely people who attend. I learnt loads in my first class alone and feel very supported to continue my training in this safe environment. When you enter the space is smaller than outside appearances may suggest but size isn't everything right guys?! :) As you enter you walk straight into the space with seating areas either side of the entrance. There is a great vibe in this place which I noticed straight away and it put me at ease, especially when you go somewhere new for this first time. I got a great all over body workout from this class and learnt some fab new blocks to Read more Great space, fun vibes, fab workout. Great evening class with fab staff and lovely people who attend. I learnt loads in my first class alone and feel very supported to continue my training in this safe environment. When you enter the space is smaller than outside appearances may suggest but size isn't everything right guys?! :) As you enter you walk straight into the space with seating areas either side of the entrance. There is a great vibe in this place which I noticed straight away and it put me at ease, especially when you go somewhere new for this first time. I got a great all over body workout from this class and learnt some fab new blocks to add to my existing training which I was really happy with! I would recommend to any ladies wanting to try something new/work on their fitness/learn some great skills to try this class out. Read less

Trusted Customer

Professional, fun environment with great structure and enthusiasm from the instructors

Joanne Long

Fun, relaxed atmosphere and a great workout.

Trusted Customer

Trusted Customer

Marie Shakur

Ashish Domah

Great martial art teacher. STU Shaj has been practicing since he himself was 7 years old. He combines boxing martial arts kung-fu and many more sports and meditation to teach his students great values in such a difficult world we live in nowadays. NearYou great service simple and straightforward.

Ryan Tonks

Really good seminar. Enjoyed!