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Saturday Fight Night Preview: Klitschko and Fury set for Dusseldorf showdown

26th November 2015

Saturday Fight Night Preview: Klitschko and Fury set for Dusseldorf showdown
One of the most eagerly anticipated fights of the year takes place this Saturday as WBA Super, WBO and IBF heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko puts his titles on the line against Tyson Fury.

The fight had initially been scheduled for the end of October, but the reigning champion was forced to withdraw following a calf injury suffered during training.

The current heavyweight champion is 64-3 in his career and heads into the fight against Fury on the back of a 21 fight unbeaten run dating back 11 years. The Ukrainian made his professional debut in 1996, but has only faced British opposition once, when he defeated David Haye in Hamburg in 2011.

Fury on the other hand is coming into the peak years of his boxing career. His bizarre behaviour has left him splitting the boxing fan base, but his abilities in the ring are undoubtable. His seven year professional career has not yet seen him lose a fight, as he enters the match with a record of 24-0.

Tyson Fury - The most bizarre man in boxing

The fight has been grabbing headlines throughout the build-up, largely due to some utterly bizarre behaviour from the Brit, who recently claimed himself to be “The most comical and charismatic heavyweight since Mohammed Ali."

The most recent controversy has erupted following a row over gloves. Fury has threatened to withdraw from the fight if he doesn't receive his custom made gloves in time for Saturday's bout in Dusseldorf.

“I mean this: If I don't fight in the right gloves, then there's no fight. I'm in Germany, in the town he picked, wearing the make of gloves he wanted. He's had it all is own way in every single aspect and all I ask is that I'm treated fairly and to wear gloves that fit me."

Fury is one of the biggest characters in boxing and just yesterday afternoon took to the middle of the ring during his public workout and serenaded his audience - which included his opponent who he dedicated the song too - with a modified version of Bette Midler's classic 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. He did do some actual training for the crowds, being put through some routine practice by his uncle and trainer Peter Fury, but it was the vocal performance which took the headlines.

This is just another strange act in the fights build up which has seen Fury in the news. A few weeks ago, he attended a press conference dressed as superhero Batman and after his arch-nemesis 'The Joker' burst into the press conference, he was there to save the day while Klitschko watched on.

A week later another training video surfaced of Fury, who had decided to film himself head-butting a watermelon.

Wladimir Klitschko - The Gentle Giant

The current champion on the other hand could not be any different in his personality and approach. The 39 year old, who speaks four languages and has a PhD in Sports Science, doesn't share the chaotic approach of his rival; “I like to take care of the tiny details. It's those tiny details that bring everything together. Chaos means emotions and emotions are a downside."

“Dr Steelhammer's" domination of heavyweight boxing has been so vast that some have said he's “killed" the weight division. For many he does not fit the narrative. Before his emergence was a long line of powerful American or British heavyweight champions, some of which had huge media personalities. This could not be any different to his approach. "I don't act crazy or swear, so I'm thankful to all these British heavyweights for doing all the crazy stuff they do."

There are some questions as to how much longer the Ukrainian's career will continue after this fight regardless of the result, with him turning 40 next March.

Who will win?

The fight is being called tighter than you would expect. Wladimir Klitschko is currently favourite but has admitted that Fury will be his “toughest opponent in years", which explains why Tyson Fury is only 3/1 to win the fight.

Fury's main strengths are attributed to his colossal stature. Standing at 6'9" with a reach of 85", he does have a slight advantage over his opponent. He is known for hitting hard, but importantly for his durability, something which may be extremely helpful come Saturday night.

Klitschko on the other hand stands a couple inches shorter at 6'6 1/2", with a reach of 81". He is very well rounded boxer with no real weaknesses and possesses huge punching power in both hands. He has a very conservative defence and his technique is superior to that of his opponent.

The likelihood is that Fury will need to come flying out of the traps if he wants to be victorious in Dusseldorf. Klitschko takes a safety-first approach to his defence and breaking through this early will be crucial for the challenger. If he can get his opponent to start dropping the gloves and turn the fight into more of a brawl than a technical bout, then he may be able to level the playing field and have good chance of victory.

How can I watch the fight?

The fight is being shown on Sky Box Office and will cost £16.95. The show starts from 7pm with five fights on the undercard. The main event is expected to start at 10pm.

How can I find a boxing class near me?

British Amateur boxing has grown in recent years thanks to both the increase in televised coverage, but also the success of the Great Britain Boxing squad in the Olympics, with fighters such as James DeGale and Anthony Joshua both winning gold. As a result of this, more boxing classes and boxing gyms are becoming available across the UK.

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