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Self-Defence classes Near Me

What are self defence courses?

There are many self defence classes all over the UK and the techniques you learn will vary according to the instructor or self defence clubs. You do not have to be super fit to take part - just keen to learn how to feel more safe and secure on the streets of London or your locality.

Self defence courses focus on preventing attacks and what to do if you are attacked. They deal with real life situations and a ‘live’ opponent, someone who does not move through classic rigid forms used traditional martial arts classes.

A range of self defence classes are available on this website including private lessons. Use the local self-defence class finder on this page to find one near you.

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What can you typically expect to learn?

All self defence lessons dedicate a large amount of time to making students aware of their surroundings. This means noticing people or situations that might represent a threat and then moving away from the potential threat to a safer place. This is the first stage of any self defence technique and could can help prevent an attack happening.

Secondly how to deal with an attacker from simple techniques such as shouting at an attacker to techniques to help you end any attack as soon as possible. These include hand and elbow strikes, kicks to the vulnerable parts of the attacker’s body and learning how to force your attacker to loosen there grip.

Third stage escape will focus on getting you out of the attack and reducing the possibility of a further attack.

Who will benefit from attending self defence lessons?

Effectively anyone who would like to feel safer on city streets, from commuters in London travelling alone at night, and seniors and females who are prey to attack because of their size and perceived vulnerability by attackers.

The typical age range is between 30s and 50, with careers from receptionists to City brokers but seniors teenagers and kids can benefit too. What participants have in common is they don’t feel safe on the streets at night.

How to choose a self defence course

We recommend that you use the self defence search on this page. Check self defence classes and view the profile pages of the self defence training programmes. Each class should have a brief description to give you an idea of what the class covers check the instructors profile for qualifications and experience.

Find self defence classes in London and other major UK cities by using the martial art search directory on this page.